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  • Fantastic Butler & Wilson Beasts & Where to Find Them

    Butler and Wilson Beasts

    With the release of JK Rowling’s new film trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, we thought we’d showcase some of our most fabulous creature creations that you can find right here at Butler & Wilson.

    Large Crystal Open Wings Owl Necklace

    Whether you choose to pair it with a casual look or evening glamour, this spectacular necklace guarantees to draw attention. This enchanting beast can be found at Butler & Wilson, amongst other spectacular creatures. The large owl pendant is coated with sparkling Swarovski crystals which are carefully chosen to define each feather. The varying shades of crystal beautifully show off the sheer magnificence of the wings and fanned tail. The owl is thought to be a symbol of wisdom and prophecy, derived from the goddess Athena, so perhaps this necklace will bring you wise choices in life; and if not you’ll still look absolutely fabulous anyway!


    Entwined Chinese Dragon Crystal Brooch

    The Chinese dragon is believed to bring power, strength and good luck (which we could all do with some more of from time to time). This beautiful brooch features an entwined Chinese dragon, holding a stunning jewel in its mouth. In Western and Eastern culture, mythological dragons were traditionally known for hoarding and guarding great treasures. Well, we think that this brooch is a treasure in its own right so the lucky owners of such a brooch need to guard it with great care, and maybe it will even bring them good luck.


    Peacock Brooch

    The peacock is renowned for its beauty and lure, and is often used to symbolise love and romance. In the animal kingdom it is in fact the male peacock that is recognised for its great beauty and luminous colours. With this striking peacock brooch you can wear all of these mesmerising colours at any one time.

    Balancing on a dazzling turquoise jewel, the peacock gazes down at its waterfall tail, made from dainty crystals in varying shades of blue. If you are looking for something less traditional you will also find a tropical coloured peacock brooch at Butler & Wilson, with shades of blue, green, red and gold.


    Crystal Cancer Adjustable Ring

    Known as the spider of the sea, the crab symbolises security and protection. Born with armour encasing its body, the crabs’ vulnerability lies beneath the shield of its shell; protecting itself from the unknown dangers and threats of the world. This ring features a dazzling jewel at the centre of the crab’s armour, with smaller crystals encrusting the rest of his body and pincers. The crab is also the Zodiac symbol for Cancer, so if your birthday falls between 22 June and 22 July, this is the perfect ‘magical beast’ for you.


    Swarovski Crystal Fish Clutch Bag

    We’re pretty sure we can guess you don’t already have a bag quite like this. Perfect for adding a fun twist to any outfit, this vibrant fish clutch bag is what your wardrobe has been longing for! Its golden base adds a warm glow beneath the bright orange scales which dazzle with Swarovski crystals. The bag opens from the fins on top of its back to reveal a luxurious brown lining and a detachable shoulder strap. It may be worth knowing that in Chinese culture the goldfish is believed to represent wealth and prosperity, so what better place to keep your purse!


    Crystal Peacock Ring

    This beautiful ring brings the peacock to life, with its aqua shades and three dimensional design. The crystals on the peacock’s magnificent tail create a gorgeous ombré effect with varying shades from blue to green. The delicate gold borders help define each element of the peacock, from its beak to each individual feather.

    Peacocks are magnificent creatures, who win a mate with showmanship and extravagant displays. The male lures the female in with mating calls and then fans his tail to boast its size and colour. Perhaps by wearing this stunning ring you will inherit the lure of the peacock and attract some desirable suitors.


    Crystal Leopard Mirror Ring

    This alluring crystal leopard ring has a secret; hidden beneath its head is a concealed mirror. This is the essential accessory to ensure your lipstick is always on point; a girl’s best friend on a date! With this ring you can check your makeup is still intact without anyone knowing.

    With an adjustable band, this ring will fit any finger of any size so you can alternate to match other accessories. The leopards head is coated with stunning crystals, so you will dazzle with every flick of the wrist.


    Elephant Brooch

    With rich vibrant colours this brooch guarantees to add a touch of the elegant exotic to any outfit of choice. The understated use of crystals makes it a versatile piece with just enough sparkle to dazzle.

    The elephant carries different meanings in each culture but is most frequently recognised as a symbol of strength, wisdom and remembrance. If these are qualities you hold close to your heart, add this gorgeous elephant brooch to your accessories collection and wear it with pride.


    Butler and Wilson Creatures
  • Midnight Marvels

    Midnight Marvels Butler & Wilson

    The clocks are going back – get ready for longer nights with our fabulous evening jewellery. Inspired by the stars, these pieces capture the infinite beauty of the midnight sky. Sparkle like the star you are with one of these pieces from Butler & Wilson.


    Crescent Moon and Star Brooch

    This beautiful blue crystal brooch would make the perfect addition to any outfit. The soft hues of the ombré colour palette combined with the striking silhouette of the moon makes this piece extremely versatile. Inspired by the magnificent beauty of the night sky, this designer brooch features a crescent moon formed of small crystals varying in shades of blue and purple. These crystals signify stars that have enchanted people for thousands of years. At the centre of the moon sits a large star, filled with dazzling crystals.


    Crystal Three Star Drop Chain Earrings

    These crystal earrings are one of a kind, just like you. The two stars at the top hold the earring in place on the lobe of the ear and the three crystal stars hang from delicate gold chains to allow them free movement as you move your head. With every flick of your head these crystal stars will catch the light, sparkling and mesmerising; just like the stars we gaze at in the night sky.


    Crystal Shooting Star Necklace

    Add some sparkle and a dash of glamour to your collection with this crystal shooting star necklace. Carry your wishes around at all times with this necklace, and perhaps a few of them will even come true. For years people have habitually wished upon shooting stars in the hope that it may be answered. This tradition stems from a Greek astronomer who claimed that shooting stars are in indication of the gods paying attention to us, making it the perfect time to wish for your ultimate desires. Other cultures believe shooting stars are fallen angels or demons; whatever you believe you have to admit that this striking necklace would do any outfit justice.


    Crystal Shooting Stars Brooch

    Featuring six shooting stars, this crystal brooch is part of the same collection as the crystal shooting stars necklace above and would make the perfect accompaniment, worn on any garment of your choice or as a spectacular hair accessory.


    Crystal Shooting Stars Earrings

    Inspired by the natural phenomenon that is shooting stars, these crystal earrings are a rarity so make sure you wish for them before they shoot past. Pair with our crystal shooting star necklace and brooch (above) for the perfect collection.


    Blue Crystal Round Shape Studs with Stars Earrings

    If you have a more classic taste and appreciate a simple delicate design, these crystal earrings are a must. The star centrepiece and the surrounding dainty crystals combine to create a brilliant sparkle. The large prominent star at the centre is just like you; one in a million. Shine bright and dazzle all those you meet with these classic earrings from Butler & Wilson. And if blue’s not your colour not to worry, we designed these earrings in blue, black and gold.


    Four Delicate Stars Chain Necklace

    Pair this necklace with the matching earrings above for a refined look. This irresistible stars chain necklace features three small crystal stars with a fourth star surrounded by dainty blue crystals, hanging from a second gold chain, suspended from two of the smaller stars.

    The chain is extendable so it can be worn at a length to compliment you and your outfit. You could even layer it with a shorter necklace for a stylish contrast.


    Crystal Stars Delicate Wire Necklace

    This Butler & Wilson Crystal Stars Delicate Wire Necklace features beautiful Swarovski crystals and fastens with a lobster clasp. Make this stunning piece your jewellery box staple this season.

    Featuring 17 small blue crystal stars, this necklace features one larger star dangling at the nape of the neck. At Butler & Wilson we like to pay attention to detail which is why there is a dainty blue crystal star hanging with our signature gold crown from the end of the extendable chain.

    Pair up with a long chain necklace for an on-trend multi-layered look.


    Crystal Star Stud Earrings

    Butler & Wilson Crystal Star Stud Earrings featuring Swarovski crystal and enamel. The understated design of these earrings makes them extremely versatile. If you have a feminine and sophisticated style these are the earrings for you. These star earrings can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and guarantee to add a soft sparkle to you outfit.


    Crystal Delicate Star Necklace

    Capture the grace and elegance of the night sky with this beautiful crystal star necklace. The entirety of the chain is covered with dainty crystals to catch the light and sparkle in a sophisticated manner, with a breath-taking flurry of blue crystal stars resting at the nape of the neck. Perfect for the festive season, this necklace fastens on an extendable chain so you can adjust it to suit your outfit.


    Written In The Stars
  • Skulls in Fashion


    The symbol of the skull is frequently used throughout the fashion industry and is perhaps the longest standing fashion icon in existence. The skull is worn in multiple ways and is a common feature in tattoos, piercings, face paint, clothing, jewellery and accessories.

    When you consider the symbolism of the skull and what it represents it does pose a query as to why it is so popular amongst designers and fashionistas. But then again, the skull doesn’t just represent one thing; it carries different meanings for all cultures, eras and beliefs.

    Regardless of its numerous associations, the geometry and structure of the skull connect to a specific region of our brains, helping us to recognise the human face. We are quite literally programmed to identify the human face and this region of our brains prevents us from detaching the image of the skull with familiar faces. The familiarity of the structure of the skull intrigues, whilst the eerie connotations of death and the afterlife repel us.


    What Does it Mean?

    The fashion industry has glorified the symbol of the skull for years but the skull itself stems back to the beginning of the human race and the first of our species. Some tribes would keep skulls as trophies of their conquests and kills where as others would craft bones into jewellery and piercings to carry their loved ones with them once they had passed on from this life. People used to wear real bones – the larger the bone the more skillful and highly respected the tribesman was. They would pierce their skin and wear bones through holes in their skin, or alternatively, they would string bones together to wear as accessories.

    Skulls are most commonly associated with death and mortality, which is why they frequently feature in horror films. We all have an underlying fear of death and the unknown, and as skulls are a reminder of this it may explain why some of us may find them mildly offensive.

    We are all familiar with the Jolly Roger flag, used by pirates to strike fear into the hearts of others. Whereas the Jolly Roger flag is merely an image of imminent threat, others have used real skulls and bones to alert others to their presence and intent. With a similar purpose to the Jolly Roger flag, some tribes used to mark the outskirts of their territory with skulls and bones to ward off trespassers.


    Not all associated meanings of the skull carry negative connotations, in some ancient societies the skull is believed to represent the afterlife and the promise of our soul’s immortality. Crystal skulls are supposed to represent life rather than death, by preserving the human face in an eternally precious form.

    To many the skull symbolises the afterlife and spirituality, reminding us that although our bodies remain our spirits move on. Typically a skull with wings symbolises the freedom associated with death and the adventure that awaits in the afterlife.

    The skull is also often associated with religion and Christianity in particular. Penitent saints are often pictured with a skull and crucifix, supposedly to remind sinners of the afterlife and the choices they have made.


    Mexico celebrates Dia de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead” every year on the 1-2 November. The symbol of the skull plays a prominent role in this holiday as it is used to remember and pray for the lives of those who have passed away and help their spirits move on peacefully. The skull is used to represent the deceased and is decorated with bright colours, flowers and all of the deceased’s favourite foods and beverages. Sugar skulls are traditionally crafted and offered up on private altars called ofrendas.

    Skulls have been used as good luck charms in various cultures in the past as they are believed to ward off illness and guard against evil spirits.

    During the Elizabethan era skull rings were fashioned so the jaw would disappear under the finger, giving the illusion of the finger piercing the mouth. Skull rings have been popular in fashion ever since, with many cultures and ages embracing its enchanting design and style.


    So why is the skull so popular in fashion? Most likely because of its universal appeal and versatile meaning. It's never going to go out of fashion because it was an iconic symbol before fashion ever existed. For some of us we simply choose to wear skull jewellery because we find it visually appealing (this links back to the region in brain that finds familiarity and with the skull), whereas others will choose to wear skull jewellery because it carries meaning for them.

  • Beautifully British

    Beautifully British Butler & Wilson

    Shakespeare, The Beatles, Harry Potter, Stonehenge, Sir David Attenborough, fish and chips, tea…the list could go on! What do all of these things have in common? They’re British and absolutely fabulous. We felt like it was time to show our appreciation for our great country and have put together some of our beautifully British accessories for you to browse at your own leisure and pleasure.


    London Taxi Brooch

    If you want a statement piece, what better than the classic London black cab. You can’t go to London without seeing these swarve vehicles round every corner, escorting the crème de la crème to their desired destinations. The simplicity of the style of this brooch makes it versatile, so it can be worn with any outfit. We’ve even added a few stunning Swarovski crystals for a good measure of sparkle.


    Crystal Union Jack Medal and Crown Cufflinks

    Dazzle with these Swarovski crystal encrusted Union Jack cufflinks. Not only do these cufflinks represent Great Britain in spectacular fashion with a crystal Union Jack as the centrepiece, there is also a royal crown to top it off in regal fashion. Not only does this crown resemble our countries fine crown jewels but also reminds us of our very own ruby red Butler & Wilson crown, featured in the logo.


    Tiny Crown Cufflinks and Clutch Pin Set

    Feel like royalty with these gorgeous crown cufflinks and clutch pin. Either rock your own shirt with these cufflinks or match up with your partner to really make a statement. Inspired by the crown jewels, we have encrusted this set with small crystals so you can sparkle all night long!


    London Big Ben Crystal Brooch

    Wear one of London’s most iconic landmarks with this designer Big Ben crystal brooch. Simple and stylish, this brooch is fashioned in gold, blue and red with silver crystals making up the body of the tower, with the capital of Great Britain printed in gold on the red and blue banner wrapped around Big Ben.


    London Taxi Cufflinks

    Glam up your outfit with these stylish London Taxi Cufflinks. You could even pair them with our stunning London Taxi Brooch if you really want to impress. The subtle design combined with the Swarovski crystal windows and headlights makes for a highly desirable addition to your accessory collection.


    Faux Pearls Medal With Crown Brooch

    This regal brooch will make any wearer feel like royalty. If you’re looking for an elegant statement piece that can be worn with any outfit, this versatile brooch is the one for you. The faux pearls and dazzling crystals lead the eye to the rich red centrepiece which is adorned with a magnificent crystal crown, fit for a queen.


    Crystal Scottie Dog Cufflinks and Clutch Pin Set

    The gorgeous Scottish Terrier breed (more commonly known as ‘Scotties’) originated in the highlands of Scotland which is just one of the reasons why they are so popular in Great Britain. We decided that this marvellous breed deserved its moment in the spotlight which is why we designed this stunning crystal encrusted Scottie dog cufflinks and clutch pin set.


    Big Crystal Crown Brooch

    If you’re not in the mood to wear a tiara atop your lovely head, then pinning this stunning crystal crown brooch to your outfit will allow you to carry your crown with you all day long. The beautiful crystals catch the light spectacularly whilst being subtle in design. Whether you’re going for brunch with family or you’re hitting a night on the town with the girls, this designer brooch can be worn for any occasion.


    Cushion Shape Compact Mirror

    If you’re going to have a crown accessory you need a cushion to rest it on! Well, we have the perfect accompanying accessory for you, a gorgeous cushion shaped compact mirror to carry with you at all times. Not only will it look fabulous when you retrieve it from your clutch, it will be your new best friend, helping you to maintain and check on your beautiful face.


    London Big Ben Crystal Keyring

    Open your car and front door in style with this gorgeous designer keyring, featuring one of London’s most iconic landmarks, Big Ben. As well as Big Ben and the regal London banner draped around the tower, there is an additional gold Butler and Wilson crown hanging from the keyring. This keyring is available in gold and silver and features a clip so you can keep your keys safely attached inside your purse.


    Fleur de Lis Crown and Cross Discs Bracelet

    This stunning bracelet features five black discs with two different styles of crown and the cross, decorated with small faux pearls. The bold black discs are complimented perfectly by their gold woven border. Then to finish off the piece in style, we have included the iconic Butler and Wilson crown at the end of the extendable chain.


    Small London Bus Pin

    Add a splash of colour and a touch of sparkle to your outfit with this charming Butler and Wilson London bus pin. The traditional double decker red London bus is decorated with a rich red and gold, our designer stamp and Swarovski crystal encrusted windows and headlights…if only all buses looked this good!

    Beautifully British London UK Jewellery
  • Floral Fantasies

    Butler & Wilson Floral Fantasies

    With summer coming to a close we thought we’d recap on some of the gorgeous floral pieces we have that can help you keep summer close by during the colder months approaching. Who ever said that flowers are just for summer? We strongly think that you should wear what you want when you want so why not add a splash of colour and sunshine to your winter wardrobe with one of our dazzling floral pieces.


    Flower Couture Clutch Bag

    We can’t quite find the words to describe just how beautiful this clutch bag is, all you need to do is look at it to understand. It comes in clear, gold, multicolour and pewter, so whatever your style we have one to match. The large floral centrepiece catches the eye but when your eyes begin to wander you will notice all of the other smaller flowers and leaves encompassing the bag. All the floral decoration is coated in Swarovski crystals, with some designed with an ombré pattern to give them even more depth. The gold base of the clutch acts as the perfect primary shade to support all of the bold colours layered on top. We aren’t ones to shy away from detail, so in true Butler & Wilson fashion we have gone all out and added two crystal flowers to the top of the clutch for the fasten, with a crystal at the centre of each bud and a border or dainty crystals framing each edge of the bag.


    Large Crystal Flower NecklaceThe design of this necklace is similar to that of the clutch bag, featuring a large crystal flower centrepiece, exploding with vibrant colours. Covered in Swarovski crystals, this stunning necklace is enough to transform the dullest of outfits. The delicate leaves fan out from beneath the flower to frame the neck beautifully. The necklace is available in multicolour, clear and pewter so whether you like to keep things simplistic or you prefer to add a splash of colour to your outfit, we have the piece for you.


    Crystal Flower Brooch

    In a similar design to the clutch and necklace above, this brooch is bursting with colour and sparkle. The petals are all covered in different coloured Swarovski crystals and are framed with a border of small clear crystals to help differentiate between layers. The eye is first drawn to the large clear crystal centrepiece, resting at the centre of the bud, with six smaller crystals resting at the edge of the next tier of petals. The base colour is gold which adds a warm depth to the brooch. This is a fabulous piece to be pinned to any garment of your choosing.


    Antique Look Flower Drop Earrings

    These gorgeous earrings are covered in dazzling Swarovski crystals, catching the light with every flick of your neck. Available in black, blue, green and pink, there is a style for everyone. The smaller flower sat at the centre of the pendant features five gorgeous crystals with an inner circle forming the centre. The larger flower framing the first is itself framed with a border of crystals. With so many crystals in such a small area it is the use of colour that gives the earrings the depth and pattern that makes them so eye-catching. The top of the earring features one larger crystal to match the centrepiece, with two small petal-like crystals beneath.


    Y-Shape Flowers and Leaves Double Chain Necklace

    The delicate and intricate design of this necklace makes it a very refined piece, perfect for spring and summer or to add a splash of colour and sunshine to the colder months in winter and autumn. The flowers and the solitary dragonfly are decorated with ombré crystals giving them a three dimensional effect. The vines are gold / rose gold to match the chain and the leaves are a variety of vibrant green shades. To finish it off there are three faux pearls hanging symmetrically from flower buds. Crowned with the Butler & Wilson seal of approval, it features the iconic B&W crown at the end of the extendable chain.


    3 Flowers & Stone Crystal Brooch

    Dazzle with this gorgeous floral brooch. The flowers appear to be sprouting from the enchanting large crystal stone at the base. This is a versatile piece that could be paired with any garment, from the likes of a denim jacket to a scarf. The design is timeless so you never need to worry about the brooch going out of fashion – plus, it’s not fashion that dictates people, it’s people that dictate fashion.

    Floral Fantasies Banner

  • Take Home Gold, Silver and Bronze

    Take the gold with Butler & Wilson

    Great Britain has had an amazing year, bringing home a total of 67 medals from the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Our athletes have made us all extremely proud to be British, taking silver / second place in the Olympics, surpassing 76 other countries, including China. Team GB bought home 27 gold, 23 silver and 17 bronze medals, finishing on the podium on over half of the events.

    In honour of our great British athletes we decided to showcase some of our finest gold, silver and bronze necklaces – fit for an athlete.

    Take home gold with Butler & Wilson Crystal Circle Links Necklace

    With beautiful aurora borelis set stones, the centre of the necklace changes from pink to blue to yellow. A breath-taking arrangement of colours; capture the rainbow & everyone's attention with this simple yet sophisticated piece. The gold base brings a warm glow to the other colours which make it a versatile piece, to be matched with any item from your wardrobe. The three interlocking circles meet at the nape of the neck and connect to four rectangular crystal encrusted pieces, designed to mask the chain and catch the light and sparkle. This necklace fastens with an extendable chain so you can adjust it to suit your outfit.


    Gold Snake Chain Necklace

    This spectacular statement piece boasts two golden snake chains that run parallel, framing an extended row of clear crystals. The luxurious combination of the gold chain and crystals creates a unique piece to be worn with your head held high.

    A modern take on a classic look, this necklace is fit for royalty. Whether you choose to pair it with a shirt and jeans or evening dress, this piece from Butler & Wilson will transform any outfit into a regal masterpiece.


    Take home silver with Butler & Wilson Trapezium Art Deco Chain Necklace

    Capture the grace and elegance of the silver screen with this Art Deco chain necklace from Butler & Wilson. This statement piece is the item your wardrobe has been missing.

    Originating in France in the roaring twenties, the iconic Art Deco style has become an iconic trend in fashion, interior design and more. Inspired by the glamour of the silver screen in early Hollywood, Art Deco style boasts geometric, angular patterns, frequently using mirrored tiles and contrasting shades. This necklace features a large trapezium pendant with surrounding rectangular crystals. The entire piece is designed in mirrored silver and crystals to reflect the typical sophisticated style of the era.


    Double Row Crystal Baguette Stones Flat Necklace

    Adding spectacular sparkle to your wardrobe, this crystal necklace should be your jewellery box staple piece this season. This beautiful necklace sits flat around the neck with two rows of baguette crystal stones framing a row of circular Swarovski crystals at the centre.

    This necklace can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion and guarantees to make a high impact statement.


    Take home bronze with Butler & Wilson
    Sideways Octagon Drop Chunky Links Necklace

    This refined design showcases Butler & Wilson’s work at its finest. The chic colour palette is on-trend and lends itself to all varieties of outfit. The necklace fastens on an extendable chain so you can adjust the length accordingly. Whether you choose to wear it with a sleek evening dress or a shirt for the office, this piece will add a splendid touch of sophistication. The gold chain is made from chunky links to compliment the large octagon pendant. The pendant features four contrasting layers of rose gold, black and white with a brown crystal sitting at the centre. To add that extra special touch we have crowned the pendant with our signature Butler & Wilson crown, featuring a dainty crystal.


    Sideways Rectangle Drop Chunky Links Necklace

    Dial up the glamour with this irresistible necklace from Butler & Wilson. You could layer it with a longer necklace for a stylish contrast, pair it with some bold crystal earrings or let it go solo and be the star of its own show; however you choose to wear it you can be sure that it will make you feel spectacular (even more than usual that is)! The large rectangular pendant showcases Butler & Wilson’s exquisite design with every detail exuding luxury. Bring couture sophistication to your wardrobe with this designer necklace.

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  • Safari Sparkles


    Safari Sparkles Banner

    Release your wild side with these fierce accessories from Butler & Wilson. Let us take you on our very own safari, filled with dazzling jewels, vibrant colours and enchanting animals.


    Vermeil Snake Bangle

    This spectacular serpent will steal the show at any event, with a sleek design and a rich colour palette. Not only does this bangle boast a stunning design, it is also made from a treasure trove of jewels, featuring Green Obsidian, Ruby, Onyx and Green Garnet.

    Some believe the snake to signify the source of life and a powerful primal energy. It is also thought that the snake represents healing power and life changing moments so perhaps this bangle might bring more to you than just style.


    Large Crystal Tiger Head on Chunky Chain Necklace

    This show stopping piece of jewellery is hard for any jewellery lover with a wild side to resist. The bold chunky silver chain features a large crystal tiger head at the centre. The crystals are designed to mark out the pattern on the tiger’s head beautifully. Available in both gold and silver, you can choose which tiger takes your fancy (if you can resist checking out with both).

    The tiger symbolises primal instinct and unpredictability. Some also believe it to be a sign of willpower and inner strength.


    Crystal Crocodile Necklace

    Turn heads with this statement piece from Butler & Wilson, featuring a large crocodile centrepiece with a crystal encrusted head. Available in silver with red eyes, gold with green eyes or gold with red eyes and a green head. This piece would look spectacular paired with any outfit but is particularly striking when worn beneath an open shirt or over a black high neck dress.

    The crocodile and alligator are thought to be the protectors of wisdom and knowledge and represent patience.


    Baguette Stones Snake Bangle

    This gorgeous bangle is covered in glimmering crystals that will catch the light with every flick of your wrist. Available in gold, black, clear and green, there is one larger crystal atop the snakes head, between the crystal eyes. Just below you can see the snake’s tongue emerging from its mouth. The snake’s body wraps around the wrist twice with its tail curling off at the top and its head leading down with piercing vibrant eyes.


    Leopard Wrap Necklace

    The Vermeil leopard is the centrepiece and entirety of this necklace, with its dazzling body wrapped around the neck and the front of the leopard’s body finishing at the nape of the neck with a spectacular Green Amethyst clutched between its paws. The delicate neutral colours make this a versatile piece to be worn with a variety of outfits. Featuring Green Amethyst, White Topaz and Onyx, this piece would take centre stage in your fine jewellery collection.


    Large Crystal Elephant Head Brooch

    Available in three colours, this large brooch from Butler & Wilson features a crystal encrusted elephant head. The elephant’s head is decorated with five pear cut crystals falling from the top of the head to the trunk, with a circle of smaller crystals framing the largest crystal.

    The elephant is believed to be the symbol of wisdom and a reminder of buried memories, it also signifies loyalty and the importance of family.


    Large Crystal Flamingo Brooch

    12cm high and 10.5cm wide, this stunning flamingo brooch not only dazzles in design but also in dimension. Pin this brooch to any garment to transform your outfit. You may be interested to know that flamingos stand on one leg to conserve body heat and their gorgeous pink colouring is due to their diet and the large quantities of shrimp they digest. In the animal kingdom, flamingos are thought to signify flirtation, a flamboyant attitude and a well-balanced life.



    Large Crystal Snake Necklace

    Release your wild side with this glamorous large snake crystal necklace. Available in clear and pewter, the necklace is covered from head to tail in dazzling Swarovski crystals with one large pear cut crystal on the top of the serpent’s head. Imagine turning up to a party in a classy low-cut black dress and heels with smoky eye make-up and this dazzling crystal serpent draped around your neck; you're bound to steal the show!


    Large Crystal Tiger Cuff

    If you are looking for a statement piece, look no further! This cuff is not for the faint of heart and is to be worn with pride because with this by your side you will be the centre of attention with all eyes envious of you and your impeccable style. The tiger’s jaw fasten around your wrist to secure the bangle and give the illusion of your hand slipping through the tiger’s fierce mouth. The design of this piece is simply stunning with no detail overlooked; the top half of the head is covered in glimmering crystals with black detail forming the tiger’s skin stripes. The gold cuff features green crystal eyes and the silver features piercing red crystals for eyes.


    Small Crystal Leopard Head on Ring Earrings

    Closely related to lions, tigers and jaguars, leopards are a graceful member of the big cat family. They are also renowned for their strength and agility as they carry their prey into the tree tops and spend most of their time lounging on the branches of trees. Leopards are arguably one of the most elusive animals and are highly skilled hunters. These small leopard head earrings are covered in Swarovski crystals with rich green eyes. The small size and simplistic design make these earrings extremely versatile to coordinate with any outfit.


    Elephant Ring with Ruby Blue Sapphire and Peridot

    Without doubt, elephants are one of the world’s most adored animals, but why do we love these beautiful creatures so much? With the average elephant brain weighing a massive 5kg they are one of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom, with more emotional awareness than any other animal. Whilst being the largest land mammals on the planet and therefore potentially one of the most dangerous, elephants are gentle in nature and can even be compassionate towards other species. We wanted to create a piece that did this magnificent creature the justice it deserves, which is why we have designed this ring with Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Peridot.


    Crystal Crocodile Bangle

    Found in tropical regions, crocodiles are cold-blooded creatures that choose to live in these conditions because they are unable to generate their own body heat. Crocodiles are athletes in the water, reaching speeds of up to 25mph when chasing prey due to the sheer strength of their tail. This gorgeous gold bangle depicts the crocodile beautifully, with the scales and ridges defined down its entire body. The crystal coated head adds a dazzling finish with the colourful crystal eyes enchanting all who behold it.


    Large Crystal Crocodile Cuff

    If you ever wondered why crocodiles lie with their mouths wide open, they aren’t waiting for dinner to volunteer itself, they are ‘mouth gaping’, which is their alternative to sweating as they don’t perspire. Well, this crocodile’s mouth may appear to be lying open and empty, but once you put it on he will be feasting on your very own hand. The cuff clasps around your wrist to secure the bracelet and give the impression of your hand passing through the crocodile’s powerful jaws. Did you know, a crocodile’s bite is the most powerful in the animal kingdom…good job this one is made of crystals!


    Monkey on Double Chain Necklace

    You may not know that there are three groups of primates, not just monkeys. There are Old World Monkeys, New World Monkeys and Apes. The biggest difference between monkeys and the ape family is the way in which they get around, whereas apes swing through the trees using the strength of their arms, other monkeys run from branch to branch. This Butler & Wilson necklace features a small crystal monkey hanging from the end of the necklace, off the third chain. It is a beautiful piece with a delicate design and fun charm with a cheeky monkey swinging around your neck.


    Snake Wrap Neclace

    This spectacular piece of fine jewellery is encrusted with hundreds of Lemon Quartz, Garnet, White Topaz and Blue Sapphires. The snake’s body wraps itself around the neck with its head curling back on itself. The centrepiece of this necklace is the show-stopping Lemon Quartz clutched in the snake's coil. Although snakes may look like beautiful creatures they are extremely dangerous with some species using venomous bites to paralyse and kill their prey. The snake combines beauty and danger to make it one of the deadliest animals on the planet.


    Swarovski Crystal Leopard Head Clutch Bag

    This clutch bag is simply spectacular, with a geometric pattern covered in Swarovski crystals. Whatever outfit you pair this clutch with, it's bound to steal the show and have heads turning in your direction all night. The elegant design and colour palette make it a great addition to any wardrobe. Much like a household cat, leopards purr when they are content and growl when they are angry, but we definitely recommend you don’t consider adopting one as a pet just yet as they are highly skilled hunters and predators…this clutch bag is definitely the safer option!


    Release your wild side with Butler & Wilson Safari Sparkles Collage Butler & Wilson
  • Summer Stunners

    Butler and Wilson Summer Stunners

    Get set for summer with some stunners from Butler & Wilson. Whatever your style, we’ll have something you love that you can enjoy wearing all summer long! From florals to peacocks, we have plenty of spectacular pieces to add that extra something special to your wardrobe this year.


    Crystal and Died Jade Art Deco Earrings

    These earrings are absolutely fabulous! Brighten up your outfit and add a touch of class with these spectacular designer earrings from Butler & Wilson. The bright bold yellow demands attention, drawing eyes towards the dazzling crystal at the centre of the circular pendant. The delicate border of small crystals leads the eye up to the trapezium that connects the pendant to the rich orange crystal stud. If yellow’s not your colour, these earrings are also available in green, pink and purple.


    Crystal Swallow with Flowers Brooch

    The swallow has become an iconic symbol over the years, representing love, loyalty and freedom. Considered a lucky emblem for those at sea, it is said that the swallow guides all lost souls of the sea away safely to heaven. And even if symbolism means little to you, it’s a stunning brooch that guarantees to add that special something to your outfit! The ombré effect of blue crystals gives the swallow its vibrant colouring and detail whilst the delicate bed of flowers beneath adds a splendid splash of pink.


    Crystal Flower Brooch

    This spectacular brooch dazzles with an explosion of colour and sparkle! Its varied colour palette makes it the ideal versatile accessory your wardrobe has been longing for. Whether you pair it with a denim jacket in the summer or a woolly scarf in the winter, this brooch will brighten up your outfit. Butler & Wilson haven’t spared any attention to detail, ensuring that every inch of this piece is adorned with dazzling crystals in all shades and colours, with a striking large centrepiece sitting at the centre.


    3 Candy Coloured Flowers Chain Bracelet

    The vibrant colours on the bracelet give it a striking edge that makes it stand out from other jewellery. If you’ve got a bright, colourful personality why not wear accessories to reflect it! The vibrant petals are made from lucite crystals and the centre bud of the three flowers feature Swarovski crystals to add that extra bit of sparkle.


    Flower Drop Earrings

    Such an elegant piece, these earrings are extremely versatile and look fabulous with almost any outfit choice. Whether you choose to pair these earrings with a casual summer dress and denim jacket or a glamorous maxi dress for the evening, they will add that extra something special your wardrobe has been longing for. With the delicate pink rose buds and luscious green leaves, these earrings are the perfect accessory for spring and summer. However, if you love them so much that you want to wear them all year round you may be interested to know that Butler & Wilson also designed them in ruby red; perfect for autumn and winter.


    Large Crystal Flower Necklace

    This piece doesn’t really need an introduction! This spectacular crystal necklace is bursting with colour, style and sparkle. The varying shades of green leaves overlap, leading round to the back of the neck to conceal the chain, so when worn it gives the enchanting illusion of the flower growing around your neck. The main feature is the mesmerising large crystal flower, blooming at the nape of the neck. The petals and leaves have all been designed to create a three dimensional effect, with varying colour tones and shapes. The perfect statement piece for that special summer night!


    Big Butterfly Brooch

    This a spectacular piece of jewellery that guarantees to add a delicate touch of glamour wherever you choose to pin it. This beautiful Swarovski and Cubic Zirconia brooch features a pin and revolving clasp to secure it to the garment of your choice.

    If pink’s not your colour don’t fret, Butler & Wilson also designed this crystal brooch in red, green and clear crystal. But make sure you move quickly if you want to catch one before they fly away!


    Big Crystal Peacock and Flowers Brooch

    Give your wardrobe some panache with this spectacular crystal peacock brooch from Butler & Wilson. This piece combines the bold with the beautiful with a spectacular arrangement of vibrant colours, ensuring this brooch will work with any outfit. The main feature of the peacock is created with an ombré array of delicate crystals, topped off with a crown of crystal feathers sitting regally atop its head. The bed of flowers lying beneath the peacock climb up the back of the peacock with a couple of crystal butterflies flying amongst the foliage. A beautiful piece for those gloriously sunny summer days!

    Summer Stunners from Butler & Wilson
  • Pucker Up


    Women’s lips have been a hot topic of discussion throughout history, causing a particular uproar when lipstick emerged. Red lips are an iconic symbol of sensuality and sexuality that have been used throughout history in logos, film, fashion, advertising, theatre, art, you name it. But red lips haven't always been so desirable or admired; in fact, lipstick was once banned, with a law passed declaring it to be a sign of witchcraft. Those who were found to be wearing it would be condemned as a witch, guilty of bewitching men.

    Lipstick was a taboo topic and fashion in Western civilisation until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Elsewhere in the world, red lipstick became socially acceptable and desirable much earlier with the Egyptians fully embracing the colouring of lips. In the UK it wasn’t until Queen Elizabeth I chose to rock red lipstick that society accepted it as a tolerable fashion. Beforehand it was considered sordid and a sign of prostitution or harlotry.

    The real global rise of red lipstick wasn’t until the Golden Age of Hollywood, when stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor taught us how to wear red lipstick. For the first time, technicolour film allowed us to witness the full glamour and glitz of Hollywood, and Hollywood’s leading ladies lips took main stage.


    Red lipstick still seems to carry connotations of a particular kind of woman, signifying female strength. Some people say that lipstick is intended to draw attention to our lips, and as this is where our words come from it commands the attention of others and encourages them to listen to us when we speak.

    Whereas the purpose of most cosmetics is to conceal ‘imperfections’, lipstick is designed to draw attention to our lips and accentuate one of our natural features. It’s this bold acceptance of our bodies and confidence that makes lipstick so iconic.

    So what do lips signify? Our lips are arguably our most prominent facial feature; protruding from our face with an enticing natural red tint. We use them to help us breathe, taste, eat and feel; they are one of our most skilled sensory receptors. As children we use them to learn about the world around us and perhaps most importantly we use them throughout life, to express our love and affection for those we care about. From both our side profiles and front facing, our lips naturally take the form of a love heart and the upper lip is said to resemble the curve of cupid’s arrow; the mythological god of desire, conceived by Venus, goddess of love and Mars, god of war.

    As for the colour red, it is often associated with love, passion, lust and desire, along with willpower, strength and determination; the perfect combination for a strong independent woman.

    red-lips-quote-butler-and-wilson butler-and-wilson-lips-collection


    Clutch Bag with Crystal Lip

    These crystal red lips contrast with the rich gold backdrop of the clutch bag. If you decide to rock your red lipstick, this clutch bag will compliment your pout spectacularly. The bold vibrant shades of gold and red make this piece perfect for confident women who love to make a statement.



    Enamel Lip Clutch Bag

    The simplicity of this clutch bag is what makes it so striking. Once you get beyond the vibrant exterior, inside the bag you will find gorgeous rich red lining, gold trimming, a detachable gold chain and shoulder straps for versatile use. Walk out the door with this premium pout in hand and you will feel like Marilyn Monroe herself.



    Medium Crystal Lips Brooch

    You can wear your lippy everywhere with this crystal lips brooch. Covered in red Swarovski crystals, not only does this brooch stun with its vibrant colour but it also dazzles with its glimmering gems. This plump pout’s versatility means you can wear it anywhere with any outfit; attach it to a coat, bag, scarf, tie or whatever you please and wear your statement red lips with the confidence to take on the world.



    Crystal Multi Lip Bracelet

    Perfect for a night out on the town, coffee with girls, date night or your office job; this crystal multi lip bracelet is designed to be worn anywhere and everywhere. Its delicate size and dainty gold chain make it an elegant choice, whilst its eight vivacious red crystal encrusted lips make a bright bold statement of confidence and passion. This bracelet allows you to carry red lippy around without distracting from your own plush pout.



    Crystal Lip Shape Glasses Holder Brooch

    Carry your glasses around in style with this stunning crystal lip brooch. So long to the glasses propped on your head or hung from your blouse; this brooch is specially designed to hold your glasses in spectacular fashion. Simply apply your red lipstick and attach your luscious lips brooch to your blouse/jacket in the morning, then when you need to take your glasses off, slip one arm through the hoop and let them rest in style for all to see.



    Enamel Lip on Leather Cord Necklace

    For those days when you’re feeling sexy and assertive, this leather lip necklace is bound to leave a lasting impression. And if you’re not feeling the red lipstick, you can embrace gold or black lippy instead with our two alternative necklaces. The black leather cord fastens with a gold magnetic clasp, which is matched to the two metal gold features at the front of the necklace, sitting either side of the main feature; those iconic ruby red Butler & Wilson lips.

  • Express Your Style

    Everyone is at their most beautiful when they choose to embrace their unique style and wear it with confidence and self-assurance. Butler & Wilson create unique designs that give people the opportunity to express themselves through their accessories and jewellery. Our unique Butler & Wilson designs have become renowned for their glitz, glamour and trend setting flair.

    We’re not ones for playing it safe and neither are our beautiful customers, which is why we love them! We love to see people mixing and matching our accessories, to suit their personalities and express their style. Even if something’s not quite your cup of tea it’s important to embrace all styles and appreciate that the wearer is expressing their personality and self-confidence.

    style-is-eternal lifes-too-short-to-wear-boring-clothes be-irreplacable look-forward-fashionfashion-comes-from-within women-will-change-the-world i-am-fashion fashion-fantasy-surprise-suspense express-feelings-freely-with-fashion fashion-has-no-age imperfections-are-beauty the-world-is-your-runway style-says-who-you-are people-will-stare jewellery-compliments-whats-already-there diamonds-and-diets jewellery-makes-you-feel-unique

    Wear what you want to wear and accessories to suit yourself – no one else! Get inspired and view all of the beautiful things Butler & Wilson has to offer.

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