Butler & Wilson History

Since its beginnings in 1969 selling antique jewellery in the Antiquarius market, Chelsea, with now over 50 years in the business, Butler and Wilson has come to define bold, glamorous crystal costume jewellery for generations of women, families and loyal consumers. The ability to change with the times and fashion throughout the years has made Butler and Wilson 'Costume royalty' (British Vogue). 

Butler & Wilson Store

Led by charismatic, design visionary and original founder, Simon Wilson, Butler and Wilson has long led the conversation in how to best accessorise with collections of original, hand crafted pieces that inspire, empower and always tell a story.

Still located at the flagship Fulham Road boutique, the first shop which opened in 1972, Butler and Wilson have always transcended fashion trends to stay true to their whimsical yet decadent vision, whilst remaining at the apex of any cultural zeitgeist. From the signature billboard campaigns fronted by famous film faces including Catherine Deneuve and Faye Dunaway (the first jewellery company to do this), the crystal jewellery as a defining look for screen characters such as 80's TV hit Dynasty, collaborating with runway designers Giorgio Armani to a limited edition collection to celebrate the opening of Buckingham Palace to the public and an anniversary show in aid of Breast Cancer Care - the many memorable moments of Butler and Wilson are charted in two book editions, which also use the jewellery visuals to mark the dramatic changes in fashion's over the years.

Butler & Wilson Jewellery

Signature designs including the 1930's 'dancing couple' brooch, the large diamante snake brooch, and 'Crystal Fan' art deco inspired crystal drop earrings are reinvented and re-imagined as 'old' becomes new again and keeps attracting and appealing to a new generation of Butler and Wilson woman, including bold faced names from Beyoncé to Rita Ora and even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Butler & Wilson Jewellery

For the past 10 years, they have been specialising in creating one of a kind fine jewellery on vermeil using the most beautiful in precious and semi precious stones, including amethyst, sapphires, topaz and rubies often juxtaposed with cultured pearls. Whilst, our much loved clothing is updated to work one-off pieces into both an everyday wardrobe and for show stopping occasions - from upcycled sequin denim jackets with handcrafted patterns, floral embroidered vintage dress coats to original textile print loose separates and dresses. These categories they continue to curate and evolve, with an eye for designing unique pieces, for online and the emporium Fulham road store.