Picking The Perfect Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It is THE day to remind the mums in your life just how much they matter to you. There are Mother’s Day gift ideas and helpful posts abound, but if you’re looking for the most unique Mother’s Day gifts, look no further. Jewellery makes the perfect present for any mum. Mother’s Day jewellery gifts say that you care enough to give her something to treasure. And, if you do it right, show her that she’s seen and understood. We’ll help you make the right decision about what to choose from our selection of fabulous pieces.

Choosing jewellery for your mum

Take inspiration from the woman herself. Think of her personality, her style and how she adapts her look. Is she classic or eclectic? A fan of silver, gold or rose-coloured metal? If she likes pastels or pearly looks, think about a piece that incorporates these. Or if she loves art deco classic designs, you can go in that direction.” One great way to do that is to look at her everyday pieces - the ones she wears most - and model your Mother's Day gift ideas off of those. Choosing jewellery for your mum should be an elevation of her style with added touch of Butler & Wilson sparkle. 

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Her perfect Mother’s day jewellery gifts

To help you pick, we have created our Mother’s Day gift edit of pieces that we think could appeal to different types of mum. They’re available in our collection here. Furthermore, when choosing jewellery for your mum, remember that some styles are universal. Think of colourful pieces which can coordinate across several outfits. It’s true that stud earrings are easy to wear and timeless. But some women often wear their hair down and then might enjoy a bracelet or necklace more. If you’re stuck on what colour to choose, remember that you can take inspiration from her birthstone or from her favourite flower. For example, our pansy collection captivates the essence of floral beauty perfectly.

pansy jewellery

The crystal pansy collection

For the woman who loves statement sparkle, show off her springtime glory with our stunning pansy jewellery designs. Evoking blossoming beauty, the earrings are perfect for the mum with a pastel style or warm wardrobe of basics. These earrings add a dazzling statement and will elevate any outfit. She can dress it up with the matching necklace for events too. For her birthday, why not add the matching ring to complete the set. Or, for the working mum, top off her business blazers with the pansy brooch.


However you make your choice, remember it’s not about the price, material or value. Even the most precious metals can fall flat if it’s not in a style or pattern she enjoys. Overall, it’s about how you’ve thoughtfully combined her tastes and interests into picking the perfect Mother’s Day jewellery gifts that she’ll treasure forever.

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