Glamorous Gold VS Sensational Silver: Which Jewellery Is Right For You?

Costume jewellery is the ultimate way to enhance your outfit and showcase your sense of style no matter the occasion. From the bold to the delicate, the versatility of jewellery means you can always find the perfect glistening piece to compliment your fashion look.

Whilst the gemstones used in jewellery are an important factor when deciding on the right piece, the metals which hold these gemstones also play a huge part. Gold and silver are two of the most popular jewellery choices, complimenting many styles and outfits. However, it can be hard to know which of these stellar metals are the right choice for you. Below we outline some useful tips to help with this.

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Which Jewellery is Right For You?

When deciding whether to choose gold or silver costume jewellery there are a number of factors to consider. Below we explain these factors in more detail.

Your Skin Tone

Skin tone is one factor to consider when choosing silver or gold jewellery. Those with warmer skin tones should opt for gold jewellery whilst those with cooler skin tones should go with silver jewellery. Neutral skin tones could opt for either.

Not sure what your skin tone is? You simply need to check your undertones which can be determined by the colour of the veins on your wrists.

If you have veins which are a greenish or olive in colour, you have a warm undertone. Those with a warmer undertone also tend to tan easily in the sun.

If your veins are blue or purple, then it’s likely you have cooler undertones. You’ll also tend to have skin which is more prone to burning in the sun.

If you have both colour veins, then you have a neutral undertone.

Whilst skin tone is useful when deciding on silver or gold jewellery, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. If your skin tone doesn’t match the metal you were hoping for, you can still wear it with the help of some makeup.

Your Makeup

Makeup can be used to match silver or gold jewellery – this is especially helpful if your skin tone doesn’t match your desired metal.

For example, if you have a cool skin tone but feel like gold jewellery is more your style, then choosing a warm coloured lipstick and eye shadow will help to draw the warmth out of your skin. Coral, red or bright pink lipstick work well as does a warm brown eyeshadow.

Similarly, if you have a warmer skin tone but prefer silver jewellery, lavender or nude lipstick and jewel toned eyeshadows work well to bring out the cooler aspects of your skin.

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Your Outfit

Ultimately, you want to choose costume jewellery which accentuates your outfit and reflects your personality. As a general guide warmer coloured clothing often work well with gold jewellery and cooler coloured clothing with silver. But either metal can usually compliment the same outfit so it’s up to your personal preferences and sense of style.

For example, if you are looking to accessorise a black evening gown and want to stand out, a beautiful pair of statement gold earrings would be ideal, like our Chinese Dragon Drop Earrings. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more elegant look a delicate pair of silver earrings would work well like our Three Crystal Hoops with Drop Pearl Earrings.

Sometimes gold jewellery is associated more with special occasions and silver for the every day. This doesn’t have to the case, you can wear both metals anytime. For example, you could brighten up your coat with a sparkling gold brooch like our Crystal Flying Eagle Brooch. Or you could wear a pair of statement silver earrings to compliment a cocktail dress like our Infinity Dragon Swarovski Pendant Earrings.

Choosing the Right Jewellery For You

When it comes to choosing gold or silver costume jewellery there are some guidelines you can follow to make the decision a little easier. However, whatever jewellery you choose, it should always reflect your style and personality.

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