Super Sparkly Summer Jewellery Must-Haves

Discover our top super sparkly summer jewellery must-haves, guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Shop all our crystal jewellery online.

Summer is the perfect time to enhance your look with crystal jewellery. Adding sparkles to your outfit is a great way to make your appearance more glamourous. Sparkly earrings, brooches, rings, necklaces and bracelets are the perfect way to express your personality and create an individual style.

Finding the right sparkling accessories to turn heads and feel more confident doesn’t have to be challenging. Here you can discover our top seven sparkly summer jewellery must-haves.

Summer Jewellery

Swallow Drop Earrings

Crystal earrings will add elegance to your style as they sparkle in the summer sun. Swallows are birds traditionally associated with summer. So it’s fitting that our colourful swallow drop earrings are encrusted with crystals in summery hues of blue, yellow, orange and red. The spectacular birds dangle from a crystal flower.

Our swallow drop earrings will look amazing paired with a single-coloured summer dress. Choose a neutral dress—white, light blue, or bright yellow—to draw attention to the earrings.

Shop our Swallow Drop Earrings here.

Flamingo Paradise Studded Crystal Brooch

You can bring a touch of the tropics to your summer outfit with our studded crystal brooch featuring flamingos and a palm tree. The flamingos are in vibrant pink or warm gold. Dazzling crystals add sparkle and shimmer to the palm leaves, flamingos and beach.

Bring out the quirky side of your personality by brightening up dark clothing during summer with this eye-catching brooch.

Shop our Flamingo Paradise Studded Crystal Brooch here.

Flamingo brooch

Multi Crystal Encrusted Hummingbird Brooch

Our eye-catching crystal hummingbird brooch captures the spirit of summer. The multi-coloured crystal design features colourful sparkling crystals. Choose from warm tones of orange and bronze or dramatic blue and green shades to match your outfit. This large glamorous brooch will attract plenty of attention as it shimmers in the sun.

You can enhance a summer blazer by pinning the beautiful brooch to a lapel.

Shop our Multi Crystal Encrusted Hummingbird Brooch here.

Flaming Dragon Eye Teardrop Brooch

Add a dramatic effect to your summer outfit with our crystal dragon eye brooch. Featuring dazzling crystals, the stunning brooch uses crystals for the eye and eyelids. The coloured enamel elements and large teardrop crystal creates a breath-taking piece of jewellery.

Make a bold statement by pinning the brooch to a dark outfit.

Shop our Flamingo Dragon Eye Teardrop Brooch here.

Dragoneye Brooch

Graduated Pansy Flower Crystal Necklace

Our spectacular graduated pansy flower crystal necklace will brighten up plain summer clothing. The elegant necklace features beautiful multi-coloured pansy flowers and large oval crystals. In the sunshine, the beautiful crystals will shine and sparkle as they reflect the summer sun. You will dazzle others by creating a stunning neckline thanks to this crystal necklace.

Wear the sparkly necklace with a summer dress and accent the glamourous look with matching earrings.

Shop our Graduated Pansy Flower Crystal Necklace here.

Pansy Flower Studded Crystal Brooch

Highlight your best summer clothing or hats with our dazzling pansy flower-studded crystal brooch. Two large heart-shaped crystals make up two petals. The flower is adorned with small crystals to make the pansy flower sparkle in the sun. Choose from a purple design or multi-coloured pansy for this must-have summer accessory.

You can attach the brooch to hats, summer dresses, formal jackets or your handbag.

Shop our Pansy Flower Studded Crystal Brooch here.

Sparkling Daisy Stem Studded Crystal Brooch

Daisies can represent positivity, happiness and new beginnings. What is better to celebrate summer than our daisy crystal brooch featuring sparkling crystals. The star-shaped flower uses stunning crystals for its petals, stem, and leaves. You can also choose from a range of colours to match your summer apparel.

Pin the crystal-studded daisy brooch to a lapel or dress to add some elegance and glamour.

Shop our Sparkling Daisy Stem Studded Crystal Brooche here.

Pansy necklace

For more sparkly crystal jewellery, browse our wide range of crystal brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, bound to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any outfit.


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