How to Mix & Match Crystal Jewellery

Find out how to mix and match crystal jewellery in our useful guide. You can browse all our crystal jewellery pieces online.

How to Mix & Match Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery has become a unique way of making any outfit stand out, affording us a new way of styling simple and bold clothing pieces. To ensure that you are picking the right pieces to compliment your individual style, here’s a few tips and tricks to add a touch of eccentric glamour to your outfit.

Crystal Jewellery

Discovering Your Individual Style


In a world where expression through fashion jewellery is so prevalent, knowing how you want to express yourself is the starting point. If you have more of a glamorous style, colourful crystal jewellery is your go-to! Choose bold statement pieces, bursts of colour, and don’t be afraid to mix metals. Check out our Art Deco Jewellery collection for some truly dazzling pieces, perfect for glamorous fashionistas.


If you have more of a quirky style, choosing eccentric designs and colourful tones will create an aura of fun and kitsch to your overall look. Our Fun & Fantasy Jewellery collection is a great example of this. Stick to bold statement pieces bound to catch attention and play with different designs, for example designs based on animals, astrology and mythology.


The punk look will forever be popular no matter what era we live in. From leather jackets to chunky black boots, a playground is created for fashion jewellery to compliment statement clothing pieces. Our Skull & Crosses Jewellery collection is full of fantastic pieces to create a punk-rock look. Be sure to choose crystal jewellery with deep tones of colour to add richness and emotion to your punk-inspired outfit.

Clashing Crystal Jewellery or Matched Sets?

Pieces that complement each other in terms of style and colour can work beautifully for occasion outfits. Choosing what works for you is an important step in your expression through fashion jewellery and the great thing about it is that there are no rules! If you want to wear every kind of metal and every colour crystal there is, then go for it.

Combining Your Chosen Pieces

The final step in the process is to start experimenting with different crystal pieces and see how it looks in front of a mirror. This allows you to see what others will see and if it is communicating your personality and style accurately. Have a play around and once you have made your choices, bank the selection in your head to use for future outfits! Now you are ready to walk-the-walk with confidence and glamour.

Crystal Fashion Jewellery

The great thing about crystal jewellery is that it will never truly go out of fashion. Our diverse range crystal necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches and bracelets are guaranteed to match whatever your individual style may be. You can check out our new arrivals here.



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