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Butler & Wilson Floral Fantasies With summer coming to a close we thought we’d recap on some of the gorgeous floral pieces we have that can help you keep summer close by during the colder months approaching. Who ever said that flowers are just for summer? We strongly think that you should wear what you want when you want so why not add a splash of colour and sunshine to your winter wardrobe with one of our dazzling floral pieces.   Flower Couture Clutch Bag

We can’t quite find the words to describe just how beautiful this clutch bag is, all you need to do is look at it to understand. It comes in clear, gold, multicolour and pewter, so whatever your style we have one to match. The large floral centrepiece catches the eye but when your eyes begin to wander you will notice all of the other smaller flowers and leaves encompassing the bag. All the floral decoration is coated in Swarovski crystals, with some designed with an ombré pattern to give them even more depth. The gold base of the clutch acts as the perfect primary shade to support all of the bold colours layered on top. We aren’t ones to shy away from detail, so in true Butler & Wilson fashion we have gone all out and added two crystal flowers to the top of the clutch for the fasten, with a crystal at the centre of each bud and a border or dainty crystals framing each edge of the bag.


Large Crystal Flower NecklaceThe design of this necklace is similar to that of the clutch bag, featuring a large crystal flower centrepiece, exploding with vibrant colours. Covered in Swarovski crystals, this stunning necklace is enough to transform the dullest of outfits. The delicate leaves fan out from beneath the flower to frame the neck beautifully. The necklace is available in multicolour, clear and pewter so whether you like to keep things simplistic or you prefer to add a splash of colour to your outfit, we have the piece for you.

  Crystal Flower Brooch

In a similar design to the clutch and necklace above, this brooch is bursting with colour and sparkle. The petals are all covered in different coloured Swarovski crystals and are framed with a border of small clear crystals to help differentiate between layers. The eye is first drawn to the large clear crystal centrepiece, resting at the centre of the bud, with six smaller crystals resting at the edge of the next tier of petals. The base colour is gold which adds a warm depth to the brooch. This is a fabulous piece to be pinned to any garment of your choosing.

  Antique Look Flower Drop Earrings

These gorgeous earrings are covered in dazzling Swarovski crystals, catching the light with every flick of your neck. Available in black, blue, green and pink, there is a style for everyone. The smaller flower sat at the centre of the pendant features five gorgeous crystals with an inner circle forming the centre. The larger flower framing the first is itself framed with a border of crystals. With so many crystals in such a small area it is the use of colour that gives the earrings the depth and pattern that makes them so eye-catching. The top of the earring features one larger crystal to match the centrepiece, with two small petal-like crystals beneath.

  Y-Shape Flowers and Leaves Double Chain Necklace

The delicate and intricate design of this necklace makes it a very refined piece, perfect for spring and summer or to add a splash of colour and sunshine to the colder months in winter and autumn. The flowers and the solitary dragonfly are decorated with ombré crystals giving them a three dimensional effect. The vines are gold / rose gold to match the chain and the leaves are a variety of vibrant green shades. To finish it off there are three faux pearls hanging symmetrically from flower buds. Crowned with the Butler & Wilson seal of approval, it features the iconic B&W crown at the end of the extendable chain.

3 Flowers & Stone Crystal Brooch

Dazzle with this gorgeous floral brooch. The flowers appear to be sprouting from the enchanting large crystal stone at the base. This is a versatile piece that could be paired with any garment, from the likes of a denim jacket to a scarf. The design is timeless so you never need to worry about the brooch going out of fashion – plus, it’s not fashion that dictates people, it’s people that dictate fashion.

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