Meet your zodiac sign: Aquarius

Hi there, air sign! For those of us blessed under the sign of Aquarius and born between January 21st and February 19th, you’re ruled by Uranus - the planet behind innovation, invention and more. So, it makes sense you share your star sign with famous movers and shakers like Harry Styles, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Oprah and Emma Roberts. We’re going to delve more into what makes you fabulous and how you can share your sign pride with a stunning Aquarius necklace or gemstone tribute piece in this 5-minute read.

Aquarius necklace

Highlighting your personality

According to Allure, “Aquarius is undoubtedly the most innovative, progressive, rebellious, and humanitarian. And while Aquarius can often be found planning a revolution or proudly flaunting their funky fashion sensibility, they also have an often overlooked sensitive side that requires appreciation, support, and love.” And that water-bearer side of you brings relentless hope through what you’re going to achieve. You’re making big moves and you’re changing the world - get swept up in the tide!

Power of an Aquarius symbol necklace

And maybe that air and water mix is why; of all our zodiac sign necklaces, the Aquarius gold necklace has an inherent movement. Even though Aquarius is an air sign, its representation with the water-bearer is a really important part of what an Aquarian does - bring worldwide change. So, our Aquarius necklace proudly features the tipped water jug in sterling silver with gold plating and blue accents. It’s pouring out its life-giving water into a sea set with Cubic Zirconia crystals. It’s a gold star sign necklace that makes a dramatic statement.

Aquarius jewellery

Harnessing lucky gemstones

If you’re looking for a zodiac necklace or jewellery piece that’s less obvious to the viewer, you should shop for the Aquarian lucky stone - Amethyst according to popular gemstone astrology, this purple-coloured stone is beautiful and helpful to Aquarians. It can repel negative energy and encourage good vibes. It is thought to help them boost communication skills and promote teamwork. That’s important because - of all the signs - Aquarians can seem distant as they’re focused on the big changes they’re going to make in the world. So, to friends and family, they might seem preoccupied and not as connected.

Amythest jewellery

Aquarius amethyst jewellery

If you’re looking to tap into the power of gemstone astrology, you’ll want to consider pieces that are dramatic and not for the faint of heart. Any piece should be a bold statement in rich plums and warm metallics like gold to add life to the deeper purple gem. For a piece as unique as you, make your selection of amethyst jewellery from our fine jewellery collection. Since every single item is a one-off, you’ll not have to share the spotlight with anyone else, Aquarian. And that’s important since your sign often sees you fade into the background while you work on your world-changing initiatives. But your jewellery doesn’t have to.

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