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Fun & Fantasy Collection | Butler & Wilson We all need to escape from the monotonous hustle and bustle of everyday life every now and then, and we could all do with a little more colour and sparkle in our lives. Well, luckily enough, if there's one thing that Butler & Wilson does particularly well, it's sparkle! We appreciate that sometimes your dainty crystal earrings and trusty pearl necklace just don’t cut it; you need something a little more exciting, that’s going to add a bit of fun and fantasy to your day. At Butler & Wilson, we want all of our customers to express themselves with what they wear, which is why we design exciting collections that have something for everyone. We’re delighted to present our Fun & Fantasy collection; full of vibrant jewellery and accessories. In this collection, you’ll find a whole variety of wacky and wonderful fantasy pieces, just waiting to brighten up your wardrobe. Still not convinced? Just take a look at some of the fabulous pieces from the collection... Fun & Fantasy Collage | B&W   Crystal Frog Brooch
If this fantastic little frog doesn’t brighten up your day, then we don’t know what will! Covered from head to toe in beautiful crystals, this brooch sparkles delicately, catching the light in spectacular fashion. The large crystal on the frog’s back contrasts beautifully with the dainty little crystals covering the rest of the body. The red crystal eyes give this little chap some character, making this brooch a playful piece to add to your jewellery collection. If you’re not so keen on this colour combination, don’t fret – we also have this brooch available in red. You’ll have to be quick if you don’t want to miss out on this piece; catch one before they all hop away.   Leopard Ball Brooch This charming brooch is an extremely versatile piece and can be fastened onto any garment of your choosing. Whether you pair this brooch with a jacket, scarf, tie or bag, it guarantees to add a dash of style and sparkle. If you love the design but aren’t as fussed on the colours, we also have this available in a striking silver and black combination.   Chinese Dragons Crystal Drop Necklace This stunning necklace is a must-have statement piece for your wardrobe! The attention to detail is faultless, with every scale depicted beautifully. The combination of the vibrant colours and crystals create an eye-catching design that guarantees to turn heads. In some cultures, the dragon is seen as a sign of luck and good fortune, and we could all do with a bit more of that from time to time! We also have this necklace available in gold and red.   Crystal Penguin Adjustable Bracelet With winter on its way, there couldn’t be a better time to add this little chap to your jewellery collection. The dainty chain is covered in sparkling crystals that catch the light beautifully as you move your hand in your daily routine. If this adorable species wasn’t adorable enough already, we have a fun fact for you - did you know that some penguins mate for life and stay with the same partner; a rare phenomenon in the animal kingdom. The adjustable fasten makes this piece suitable for everyone, as one size fits all. The fasten is also extremely easy to use, with a two-pull system; simply pull one chain after the other, pushing the bead closer to your wrist. With this adjustable fasten you can choose how you wear your bracelet.   Crystal Teddy Bear Brooch This delicate yet dazzling brooch depicts a gorgeous teddy bear with a delicate crystal outline. The tiny gold crystals form the silhouette of a teddy bear whilst the larger green, yellow and red crystals give it some character. This is a very elegant piece that can be paired with any garment to add that extra bit of sparkle and charm.   Couture Spider Brooch Make a statement with this spectacular Couture Spider Brooch. If the two large crystals on the spider’s body weren’t already enough of a statement, we’ve added a sea of smaller crystals, covering the rest of the spider and his 8 legs; after all, everyone loves a little bit of sparkle! We have this brooch available in black, clear, gold and multicolour, so you can choose your favourite creepy crawly. Not only does this brooch look spectacular as a statement piece but it also works particularly well when paired with its counterparts; mix and match the different coloured spiders to create an eye-catching look.   Crystal Dog Adjustable Bracelet Whether you’re a dog lover or not, we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with this gorgeous bracelet. This bracelet is available in gold (pictured above), pink and clear, so you can choose your favourite. The chain is covered in stunning crystals and fastens with a two-pull chain system. The dog pendant is covered in small crystals, with red crystals forming an adorable bandanna. This bracelet would make the perfect gift for a dog lover, or just a great addition to your own jewellery collection.  
Jumping Zebra Brooch

Release your wild side with this fabulous jumping zebra brooch. With a golden body, green crystal eye and neck covered in crystals, you won’t find a zebra more glamourous than this one!

This brooch can be dressed up or down, making it an extremely versatile piece that could quickly become a new favourite. This brooch is available in gold and silver.


At Butler & Wilson we think that every outfit deserves a unique accessory or two to accompany it, which is why we always strive to design fun and fantastical pieces that excite our customers and add a new dimension to their jewellery collections.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Halloween collection - coming soon!

Fun Fantasy Collection

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