Art Deco Delights

Art Deco Delights | Butler & Wilson If you’re in need of a statement look and love a bit glitz and glamour than you will love all things Art Deco (style moderne); a modern take on traditional art and an expression of embracing both the old and new. Art Deco Jewellery | Butler & Wilson If you have watched the Great Gatsby you will already be in awe of the fashion and sophisticated style of the era and are likely to have a deep appreciation for flapper dresses and bob haircuts. Often referred to as Deco, Art Deco originated in France prior to World War I. It’s an iconic style, based on bold geometric patterns and rich colours. Art Deco influenced the design of architecture, jewellery (including our own), furniture, fashion, transportation and so much more. Art Deco was and still is a sign of glamour, luxury and bold expression, all of which we have tried to encapsulate in our collection. Although it was a luxurious style it was not exclusive to just the elite. By the 1930s Art Deco was more mainstream and welcomed into the homes and lives of many Europeans. Art Nouveau was a key influence, with nature motifs being transformed with bolder colours, materials and shapes. One of the key styles you will note about Art Deco is the angular geometry and bold shapes incorporated into design. If you’re a fan of the Silver Screen and early Hollywood you will recognise some notable traits; the likes of cocktails, mirrors and lighting were extremely fashionable and can often be seen incorporated in Art Deco designs. This style had a great impact on not only fashion, art and jewellery but also in the world of architecture. Some of the patterns and geometric shapes often found in Art Deco designs may seem familiar, this is because some of the most iconic Manhattan skyscrapers were built on deigns heavily influenced by this artistic style. At Butler & Wilson we can’t get enough of glitz and glamour which is why it won’t come as a surprise that we have our very own luxury Art Deco jewellery collection, filled with beautifully bold designs.   9 Swirl Discs Crystal Necklace This spectacular necklace is made up of nine stunning swirl discs, each featuring a stunning array of dainty Swarovski crystals. Available in both clear and pewter, this Art Deco necklace could be paired with most outfits to add that much needed dash of glamour. Fastening with a lobster clasp, the extendable chain gives the wearer the freedom to choose how they wear the necklace. Whether you want to wear it over the top of a turtle neck or with a low-cut evening dress, this piece is bound to look spectacular. If you’re feeling experimental why not try wearing it as a hairpiece, pinned under some curls so the largest disc sits at the top of the forehead. There are no rules when it comes to jewellery; wear it how you want to!   Dancing Couple Brooch What woman doesn’t dream of being the glamorous individual depicted in this stunning brooch! Swept off her feet by a handsome stranger and wearing a floor length dress made of crystals; that's what dreams are made of! Raving in the club just isn’t quite the same as doing the Lindy Hopp or Swing Dance. Not only are the 20s, 30s and 40s iconic for their ground-breaking Jazz and ‘Pop’ music but also for the dancing! This designer brooch perfectly depicts a couple mid-dance, bringing to mind all of the glitz, glamour and vibrance of the Art Deco era. Measuring 13.5cm (height) by 6cm (width), this is a large brooch, designed to catch even the most distant eye. Fastening with a pin post and revolver fastener, you can attach this piece to any garment to customise your outfit.   Crystal Disc Rondell Necklace This stunning necklace from Butler & Wilson will take pride of place in your jewellery collection. With a whole chain of Swarovski crystal encrusted discs, this necklaces dazzles under the lights. Gold is typical of the Art Deco era but we also have this necklace available in silver, pewter and multicolour so you can choose the necklace that suits your style best. The discs make the necklace stand out prominently, making it hard to miss. Fastening with a lobster clasp, the necklace has an extendable chain so you can determine the length at which you wear the necklace.   Crystal Spiral Rondell Pendant If you like the style of the necklace above but it’s a little too bold for your taste, this dainty necklace may be just what you’re looking for. Although it would complement any outfit, this necklace looks particularly striking with a low-cut plunge dress or top. The delicate chain fastens with a lobster clasp on an extendable chain, so you can adjust the length to suit your outfit. Meeting at the nape of the neck, the chain is attached to a small circle of Swarovski crystals which holds the beehive style pendant suspended below. Attached to a chain, 12 discs hang, forming a beehive like shape that sits on the lower breastbone. Available in gold, multicolour, pewter and silver, you can choose your favourite!   Thin Art Deco Style Bracelet with Baguette Stones Step into the world of Daisy Buchanan with this gorgeous Art Deco style crystal bracelet. It’s bold geometric pattern and angular edges are typical of Art Deco designs, taking inspiration from the iconic architectural innovation of the era. Fastening on an extendable chain you can either wear this bracelet tight to your wrist or loosely fitting so it moves up and down your arm freely, draping over your hand. The simplicity of the design makes it extremely versatile, to be paired with most outfits.   Baguette Stone Art Deco Style Necklace If you like the bracelet above, we’re sure you’ll be a fan of the matching necklace! Available in clear, pink, blue and black, you can choose the colour that best matches your personality. The baguette stone Swarovski crystals join together at the nape of the neck leading down to a cross of baguette stone crystals.   Crystal Champagne Glass Brooch Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with this champagne glass crystal brooch. Measuring 12cm (width) by 6.8cm (height), this brooch is the statement piece your jewellery box has been longing for. When your champagne glass is bubbling over with crystals you know it’s a good champagne! Featuring a variety of Swarovski crystals, this glass is literally overflowing with sparkle. With crystals in the both the cup and stem of the glass, there’s no escaping the glitz and glamour of the Art Deco era.   Square Shape Drop Art Deco Style Short Earrings With so many vibrant shades in one earring, how could you not fall in love with these fabulous crystal earrings from Butler & Wilson! The drop design boasts dazzling crystals in various sizes, shades and shapes for a lavish party look. These earrings available in aqua, blue, red, opal, multicolour, black, clear and pink, so you can choose the perfect pair for you.   Square Shape Drop Art Deco Style Crystal Necklace Shape up on the geometric trend with our square shape drop Art Deco style necklace. If this colour isn’t to your taste don’t worry, it’s also available in clear, blue, multicolour, red, orange, opal and black. This necklace will take centre stage in any outfit with its boldly beautiful design. Pair it with the matching earrings above to complete the look.   Baguette Stones Crystal Drop Earrings Steal the show with our spectacular baguette stones crystal drop earrings. The beautiful Joanna Lumley rocked these Butler & Wilson earrings at the BAFTA Awards 2017 and looked absolutely fabulous (as always). These earrings will add a splash of colour to your jewellery box with a fun colourful take on the Art Deco era. Set with Swarovski crystals cascading down in chandelier form, for all-out sparkle…. never hold back on the sparkle!   Art Deco Pendant on Chain Necklace Match our Art Deco pendant chain necklace with the matching earrings for a look that screams sophistication. This statement necklace features bright Swarovski crystals chained together on interlinking squares for a look with serious style. The necklace features a large Art Deco-inspired pendant that matches the earrings above. The luxurious combination of rich colours and bold geometric patterns makes it one of a kind.   Butler & Wilson | Art Deco Collection  

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