Perfectly Pink

Perfectly Pink | Butler & Wilson Pink Flower Pink is an extremely popular colour and has been used in fashion and interior design for many years. Whist pink combined with white signifies youth and innocence, when combined with other colours such as black or purple, it supposedly signifies seduction and allure. At Butler & Wilson we cater for a whole range of tastes and styles and we have not overlooked those of you who just can’t get enough of the colour pink! We have selected a few of our favourite pink designs for this article, but there is plenty more to choose both online and in-store! Audrey Hepburn Quote Crystal Cobra Snake Brooch This stunning crystal cobra brooch is pink and playful. The cobra’s body is covered in pale pink crystals on a baby pink glitter base; the lighter shade of pink used for the crystals creates a scaled effect. The cobra’s hood is defined with a darker shade of pink and the eyes with two green crystals. If you have a friend that loves reptiles and snakes this would make the perfect gift! We also have some other snake jewellery available online and in store, so you can choose your favourite design. This crystal brooch is available in pink or multi-colour and can be paired with any item. Dress up any garment with this sparkling serpent! Fun Facts: King Cobras are the most venomous snakes on the planet making them extremely dangerous. One of the most recognisable attributes of a cobra is its ‘hood’. Most of the time they look like most other snakes but when they feel threatened or sense danger, they rise up, flatten their heads and extend the loose skin on the side of their head to form a hood. This makes them appear larger than they are and can help ward off potential dangers.   Stars & Filigree Circle Drop Earrings These beautiful crystal earrings measure 10cm (height) by 7cm (length), making them a real showstopper. Featuring lots of dainty crystals, these earrings catch the light beautifully. The earrings hang from a large star with a push back stud close. The star features different shades of pink crystals and is set on rose gold to give it a warm pink base. The second star pendant hangs in the middle of the hoop, giving it freedom of movement so it can turn and twinkle as you move your head. Choose from pink, multi-colour and clear.   Faceted Stones Crystal Belt Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with this large crystal belt/necklace. Not only is this a stunning statement piece, but it’s also extremely versatile and can be worn as either a necklace or belt. Whether you’re wearing a summer dress or denim jeans, hanging this around your waist will add that extra something special to your outfit. The necklace/belt is on a rose gold chain that gives it a warm pink base. The crystals that sit along the chain are clear but appear to have a rose pink tinge, reflected from the rose gold chain and small pink baguette crystals framing the large circle crystals. The extension chain gives you the freedom to choose what length you want to wear it, and we have even finished the chain off with our signature Butler & Wilson crown! If pink isn’t really your colour but you love the design, don’t fret – we also have this necklace/belt available in clear and multi-colour.   Crystal Hippo Brooch How could you not love this little chap! If a hippo brooch wasn’t already adorable enough, we’ve gone and covered it in sparkling pink crystals, green flowers and a crystal collar! This has to be the most glamorous hippo ever. If you like pink but prefer it in smaller doses, we also have a clear crystal hippo brooch, with pink flowers available. Fun Facts: Hippos are semi-aquatic mammals which means that although they live on land, they spend a large majority of their time in the water to help keep their temperature down. Hippos are the third largest land animal on the planet, after the elephant and white rhino. Although they may appear tranquil, hippos are arguably one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Hippos can swim up to 30 miles per hour in the water and will become extremely defensive if they feel threatened.   Swarovski Crystal Long Hard Clutch Bag The ultimate pink clutch! This stunning bag is covered in beautiful coral pink Swarovski crystals. This clutch reflects the light in spectacular fashion, which means you’ll catch someone’s eye with every twist and turn. The clutch opens by the crystal clasp on the top, revealing a metallic gold lining. This bag would make the perfect addition to your clutch collection, giving you the option to add some colourful sparkle to any outfit. If you’re a fan of clutch bags that sparkle, you’ll love our full collection; prepare for an overload of crystals.   Crystal Teddy Bear Brooch How can you resist this adorable teddy bear brooch? Framed with dainty pink crystals, this brooch is designed to add delicate sparkle to your outfit. If you’re looking for a fun brooch, either for yourself or as a gift for a friend, this is an easy-to-wear piece that will go with any outfit combination. If pink isn’t really your colour, we have designed this brooch in a range of other colours.   Butler & Wilson Crystal Ball Drop Earrings Get the party started with your very own disco ball earrings! Hanging from a string of clear crystals is a pink half sphere (hemisphere) covered in small crystals. Whether you’re going out for a coffee with the girls or heading out on a date, these will finish your outfit off with a sophisticated feminine touch! Available in pink, green and clear.   More from Butler & Wilson

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