Summer Stunners

Butler and Wilson Summer Stunners Get set for summer with some stunners from Butler & Wilson. Whatever your style, we’ll have something you love that you can enjoy wearing all summer long! From florals to peacocks, we have plenty of spectacular pieces to add that extra something special to your wardrobe this year.   Crystal and Died Jade Art Deco Earrings These earrings are absolutely fabulous! Brighten up your outfit and add a touch of class with these spectacular designer earrings from Butler & Wilson. The bright bold yellow demands attention, drawing eyes towards the dazzling crystal at the centre of the circular pendant. The delicate border of small crystals leads the eye up to the trapezium that connects the pendant to the rich orange crystal stud. If yellow’s not your colour, these earrings are also available in green, pink and purple.   Crystal Swallow with Flowers Brooch

The swallow has become an iconic symbol over the years, representing love, loyalty and freedom. Considered a lucky emblem for those at sea, it is said that the swallow guides all lost souls of the sea away safely to heaven. And even if symbolism means little to you, it’s a stunning brooch that guarantees to add that special something to your outfit! The ombré effect of blue crystals gives the swallow its vibrant colouring and detail whilst the delicate bed of flowers beneath adds a splendid splash of pink.

  Crystal Flower Brooch

This spectacular brooch dazzles with an explosion of colour and sparkle! Its varied colour palette makes it the ideal versatile accessory your wardrobe has been longing for. Whether you pair it with a denim jacket in the summer or a woolly scarf in the winter, this brooch will brighten up your outfit. Butler & Wilson haven’t spared any attention to detail, ensuring that every inch of this piece is adorned with dazzling crystals in all shades and colours, with a striking large centrepiece sitting at the centre.

  3 Candy Coloured Flowers Chain Bracelet

The vibrant colours on the bracelet give it a striking edge that makes it stand out from other jewellery. If you’ve got a bright, colourful personality why not wear accessories to reflect it! The vibrant petals are made from lucite crystals and the centre bud of the three flowers feature Swarovski crystals to add that extra bit of sparkle.

  Flower Drop Earrings Such an elegant piece, these earrings are extremely versatile and look fabulous with almost any outfit choice. Whether you choose to pair these earrings with a casual summer dress and denim jacket or a glamorous maxi dress for the evening, they will add that extra something special your wardrobe has been longing for. With the delicate pink rose buds and luscious green leaves, these earrings are the perfect accessory for spring and summer. However, if you love them so much that you want to wear them all year round you may be interested to know that Butler & Wilson also designed them in ruby red; perfect for autumn and winter.   Large Crystal Flower Necklace This piece doesn’t really need an introduction! This spectacular crystal necklace is bursting with colour, style and sparkle. The varying shades of green leaves overlap, leading round to the back of the neck to conceal the chain, so when worn it gives the enchanting illusion of the flower growing around your neck. The main feature is the mesmerising large crystal flower, blooming at the nape of the neck. The petals and leaves have all been designed to create a three dimensional effect, with varying colour tones and shapes. The perfect statement piece for that special summer night!   Big Butterfly Brooch This a spectacular piece of jewellery that guarantees to add a delicate touch of glamour wherever you choose to pin it. This beautiful Swarovski and Cubic Zirconia brooch features a pin and revolving clasp to secure it to the garment of your choice. If pink’s not your colour don’t fret, Butler & Wilson also designed this crystal brooch in red, green and clear crystal. But make sure you move quickly if you want to catch one before they fly away!   Big Crystal Peacock and Flowers Brooch Give your wardrobe some panache with this spectacular crystal peacock brooch from Butler & Wilson. This piece combines the bold with the beautiful with a spectacular arrangement of vibrant colours, ensuring this brooch will work with any outfit. The main feature of the peacock is created with an ombré array of delicate crystals, topped off with a crown of crystal feathers sitting regally atop its head. The bed of flowers lying beneath the peacock climb up the back of the peacock with a couple of crystal butterflies flying amongst the foliage. A beautiful piece for those gloriously sunny summer days! Summer Stunners from Butler & Wilson

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