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Halloween Accessories | Fright Night Delights With October 31st fast approaching, now is the time to get your Halloween outfit ready and to make it more fabulous than ever! Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or you just want to accessorize at the office, we have something for everyone in our Halloween collection. Witch | Halloween Accessories One of the best things about Halloween accessories is their versatility. Whereas costumes are limited to fancy dress parties, accessories and embellished clothes are far more adaptable, lending themselves to most of your wardrobe and almost any occasion. Halloween originates from Samhain (pronounced 'sow-ane'), a Celtic pagan festival that used to be celebrated to mark the end of the harvest season. People believed that crops were under threat at this time of the year, from angered spirits that managed to pass through to our world. Traditionally, bonfires would be lit, turnips would be carved and people would dress up, all in an effort to ward off evil spirits. As the world evolved, so too did traditions. Over the years, Samhain became influenced and incorporated into other days such as Feralia, All Martyrs' Day and All Souls’ Day; the day after Samhain, which was called All Hallows Eve and then later, Halloween. Whether you're a fan of this spooky holiday or not, you probably still enjoy a bit of glitz and glamour and embrace every opportunity to get dressed up. If this is the case then we think you're going to love our Halloween collection, full of crystals, skulls, and so much more! We have shared a few of our pieces below but you can view the entire collection here. If you really want to get into the Halloween spirit, why not visit our flagship store in Kensington to take a closer look at our products and our fabulously frightening window displays!  


Crystal Skull Couture Clutch Bag This stunning crystal clutch would make the perfect Halloween accessory. Covered in crystal encrusted skulls, this clutch is designed to make a sparkling statement. The contrasting silver diamante strings surrounding the skulls resemble snakes, making this clutch even more Halloween appropriate. Once you open the clutch from the crystal skull fasten, you will find the interior has a luxurious gold lining. There is no attention to detail spared, with smaller skulls framing the edge of the clutch and red crystals eyes on the fasten.   Couture Crystal Bats & Cross Pendants Necklace This enchanting necklace is a must-have for Halloween. Whether you wear it with a costume, casual wear or evening dress, it will add that extra something special to your outfit. The thick black chain features three crystal coated bats, with small red crystal eyes and a striking large crystal in the central bat’s clutch. Thirteen beautifully intricate crosses hang from the chain, all with their own design and style. There are some smaller crosses looped into the chains that help draw they eye to the centrepiece.   Large Crystal Ornamental Three Drop Earrings Although these gorgeous earrings would make the perfect accompaniment to your Halloween outfit, they aren’t restricted to October. Pair these earrings with any outfit to create a sophisticated glamorous look all year round. As black tends to be the most popular colour of choice at Halloween, these earrings are going to go with most outfits, unless you're going to go as Pennywise, Jigsaw or another creepy character that wouldn't quite suit our large crystal ornamental earrings!   Crystal Skeleton Necklace This delicate gold necklace would make the perfect accompaniment to your daytime Halloween outfit. If you want to go for an understated look or perhaps introduce a Halloween element to your work outfit without dressing up to the nines, this necklace is just the right kind of creepy. This necklace is available in gold, pink rose and silver so you can choose your favourite. The skeleton’s arms and legs are attached by loops to give the body freedom of movement, creating an even eerier effect. If you like this piece, why not have a look at the rest of the accessories in our popular skull collection.   Crystal Skull Tiara Dressing up to scare doesn’t mean you have to abandon the glitz and glamour! Do Halloween in style with our crystal skull tiara. The skulls are covered in Swarovski crystals with two red piercing eyes at the centre of the tiara.  If you look closely, you will see crossbones between the two central skulls.   Crystal Bat & Skull Head Enamel-Hand-Shoulder-Brooch Our skull hand brooches are classic Butler & Wilson statement pieces; both effective and enchanting. Although they are popular all year round, they do seem to be a Halloween favourite. There have been different variations of our skull hand but this skull with bat wings introduces an extra bit of bling, with a stunning array of crystals. The perfect Halloween accessory for him or her; pin it to your evening dress or suit shoulder to embrace Halloween without going over the top.   Six Skull Chain Choker Bring the bling to the party with our skull chain choker!  If wearing seven large skulls around your neck doesn’t scream Halloween then we don’t know what will. Skulls have long been a popular fashion icon, reappearing in various trends throughout history (you can find out more about skulls in fashion here). This necklace is available in gold, silver and pewter so you can pair the perfect piece with your outfit. If you want to go for an understated glamorous look this Halloween, why not pair this choker with a red cocktail dress to bring out the red crystal eyes.   Cute Skull with Wings Headband If you’re not really into the Halloween horror but still want to get dressed up, we have the perfect accessory for you! This cute skull with wings headband would make the perfect addition to your outfit and adds just the right amount of sparkle. You could even wear these to the office for a little fun and just pop them off for the client meeting! The headband is covered in crystals as well as the two skull bats. There is nothing worse than wearing a headband that digs in behind your ears and results in a headache – fashion should never be painful! Which is why have added rubber protectors to the ends of the headband for comfort.   Jewelled Skull Leggings We have some stunning clothes in our Halloween collection this year and these jewelled skull leggings are one of our favourites! Available in white and black, you can choose whether you choose to embrace your light or dark side this October. The skull face is formed from an abundance or small jewels covering the lower thigh and knee. These leggings are perfect if you want to dress up but not go all out with a costume. Try pairing these with some of our pewter accessories to create a very chic look this Halloween.   Large Skull Cufflinks Dress up your suit with these gold skull crystal cufflinks. If you're dressing formally this Halloween, these are the perfect solution for adding that fun Halloween element to your outfit without going over the top. Our skull collection is very popular and is certainly a fast favourite at Halloween, with skull cufflinks, brooches, clothing; you name it!   Crystal Pointed Eye Mask Add some mystery and intrigue to this year’s Halloween party with this crystal eye mask. The perfect way to glam up your costume and keep it classy, this mask will quickly become a fast favourite and costume party go-to! Whether it’s a New Year’s party, masquerade ball, or something else, a mask is always going to be a costume box essential, and they don’t get much better than this.   Crystal Skull Mirror Ring Don’t you just love it when fashion becomes practical! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to subtly check that your lipstick hasn’t smudged and that your hair is still in place? Well we have the perfect solution for you! This stunning crystal skull ring opens to reveal a small mirror that can be used as and when is needed. The ring closes with a magnetic seal, keeping the mirror protected.   Halloween Collection 2017

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