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Butler & Wilson - Simon Says

  • Express Your Style

    Everyone is at their most beautiful when they choose to embrace their unique style and wear it with confidence and self-assurance. Butler & Wilson create unique designs that give people the opportunity to express themselves through their accessories and jewellery. Our unique Butler & Wilson designs have become renowned for their glitz, glamour and trend setting flair. We’re not ones for playing it safe and neither are our beautiful customers, which is why we love them! We love to see people mixing and matching our accessories, to suit their personalities and express their style. Even if something’s not quite your...
  • Fit for a Queen

    To help celebrate her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, we have put together a collection of some of our finest pieces; fit for a queen. As the longest reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II is a national treasure in her own right. We not only love our Queen for her service to our great country but also for her exquisite taste in jewels! We can recognise a woman with great taste when we see one and our beloved Queen certainly has one of the most fabulous collections of dazzling jewels we have ever seen.   FAUX...

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