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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  • Ladybird Love

    Did you know that we have 46 different species of Ladybird in the United Kingdom! Ranging from beautiful red & black, yellow & black, orange and white and even black with red spots. The most common variety is the red and black Ladybird with 7 spots on its shell, this is thought to be the variety that inspired the name. ‘Lady’ refers to the Virgin Mary (otherwise known as Our Lady) who in early painting was always depicted wearing a red cloak and the 7 spots are symbolic of the seven sorrows and seven joys of Mary. The Coccinellidae beetle...
  • Perfectly Pink

    Pink is an extremely popular colour and has been used in fashion and interior design for many years. Whist pink combined with white signifies youth and innocence, when combined with other colours such as black or purple, it supposedly signifies seduction and allure. At Butler & Wilson we cater for a whole range of tastes and styles and we have not overlooked those of you who just can’t get enough of the colour pink! We have selected a few of our favourite pink designs for this article, but there is plenty more to choose both online and in-store! CRYSTAL COBRA...

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