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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • Introducing Our New Limited Edition Watches

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new limited edition collection of watches, designed by our very own Simon Wilson. Simon has designed the collection modelled on his very own watch, which is a fast favourite and can often be seen on Simon’s wrist, as in the photo below. The watches are limited edition, rhodium plated with a mother of pearl finish. The clasp fasten is attached to a stunning three-chain strap and the watch is battery operated. The simplicity of the design contrasts beautifully with the bold shape and a three-chain strap. This is an...
  • Black Friday Has Arrived

    THE BUTLER & WILSON BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS NOW ON! You're probably familiar with Black Friday and the hype and excitement around it; after all, if does seem to take over the headlines and the highstreets in the last few weeks of November! Although we know that Black Friday means it’s time to get shopping and find some irresistible discounts, the origin of Black Friday is somewhat of a mystery. It is in fact, an American tradition that has slowly made its way over to the UK. Also known as ‘The Day After Thanksgiving’, Black Friday marks the end of...

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