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Ordering online at Butler & Wilson is easy but in case you're like us and would like to know it step by step, then here it is...

Find The Product You Love!

Couldn't be simpler! There are loads of ways to get all the goodies you want to buy.

1. Main Navigation

Using the main navigation bar (that's the one underneath our logo) hover your mouse cursor over the category you want to view (or for those of you on a tablet device your finger will do). As you hover over areas with more sub categories in them a drop down menu will appear. Click on the category or sub category you want!

2. Click The Adverts

You'll jump straight through to categories and products that you like the look of!

3. Search

Why not try the old fashion way of typing in what you're looking for in the search bar and click the magnifying glass icon.

Add Items To Your Shopping Bag

Add to your bag the products you really, really want using the Buy buttons that appear on each product page.

1. Choose Your Options

Some products have choices like size and colour, so make sure you choose the options you want.

2. Continue To Checkout

When you're done, now begin the very simple to use checkout process by either clicking on 'Checkout' when you add an item to your shopping bag or by clicking 'Bag' on the top right of your browser.

Confirm Your Shopping Basket

Now here's the opportunity to take a quick peek at your order and make amendments to your order before placing it.

1. Quick Check

Have a quick check of your order you're about to place. All the items you want to buy in there? Yes, great! Nope, just click 'Continue Shopping' and continue browsing.

2. Choose Your Delivery Country

Check how much the delivery will be and simply choose where you want the order delivered to by clicking the 'Deliver To' drop down menu and click 'Update'.

3. Choose Your Delivery Option

You need to then pick your preferred delivery option. Please remember if you see the Delivery option 'Ship When In Stock' it really really means we don't have it in stock so your order will be shipped ONLY when it is back in stock. For more info on out of stock products please call our customer care team on 020 7409 2955.

4. Ordered Before? Use Up Your Reward Points!

If you've ordered from us before it's likely that you'll have earned some reward points and if you have a message will automatically appear asking you if you want to redeem them against your order.

5. Use Your Gift Card

If you have a gift card (lucky you) then enter the 16 digit code in the voucher code box to redeem it. Remember you can redeem as many Gift Cards as you like.

6. Got A Discount Code?

If you are one of the extremely lucky ones who has a discount voucher then you can also enter the discount code in the voucher code box to redeem it but remember you can only ever redeem one discount code per order.

7. Check Out!

Click 'Continue' to checkout with Butler & Wilson. Remember all Butler & Wilson payments are processed using the globally recognised and trusted Worldpay. All our data is securely encrypted so you're in good hands.

Account Information

We need your information to help get your order to you as quickly as possible, things like mobile telephone number allow us to contact you if there's an issue with your order and email addresses are used to send out order confirmations and login details. Remember we never sell or share your data with anyone else - that's a promise.

1. Not a customer yet?

No problem, creating your Butler & Wilson account only takes a few moments and will allow you to check the progress of your order. Simply complete your details, billing and delivery address, delivery instructions if you think it will help us get your stuff to you and don't forget to tick the Special Offer Mailing list as we'd love to send you all our special offers.  

2. Already a customer?

Brilliant, just log in and all your details that are saved can be used - saves you filling it out again (but it's always worth checking your details haven't changed since you last ordered)!

3. Go To Payment

Now all you need to do is proceed to the payment screen by clicking the green 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page.


Once you have completed your payment details and submitted it your order is placed! You are now automatically logged into your Butler & Wilson Account where you can do a whole host of things such as check your order status and view delivery tracking (where available). We've also sent you a registration email with your login instructions for future use and an order confirmation email.

Payment Problems

Only very rarely do payment problems occur during the process of charging your credit or debit card or authorising your purchase via Papal. The most likely cause of this is usually the payment details or billing details being incorrect, so please double check them by clicking the back button. On very rare occasions the payment will be rejected and this can be due to problems at our payment gateway, if you've found yourself stuck, give us a call on 020 7409 2955and we'd be happy to help.

Problems Logging In?

Click here for some hints and tips but remember you can call our Customer Care team on 020 7409 2955.

Why Not Check Your Order Status

Once you are logged into your account, click 'My Orders' and you'll see an overview of all orders you have placed with a Status. The status' mean:


Your order is being Authorised in our system following security checks and is waiting to be confirmed for picking.


All of your items are now being picked in by our Online Shopping Team at Butler & Wilson.


Your order has left Butler & Wilson and is en-route to you! If your order has a tracking number assigned to it you'll be able to click the View Tracking link in 'My Orders'.

...and that's about it! If you have any queries about our no time limit returns policy then click here!

Happy Shopping!

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