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Chinese New Year B&W Collection Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival, marks the start of the first calendar month in China. The date is celebrated with festivals and a range of traditions. This is the most important holiday in China and is also celebrated in other countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea, as well as communities across the globe. Here's how to say Happy New Year in Chinese (pronunciation in brackets): Happy New Year in Chinese

Chinese New Year runs for 16 days, although the preparations begin weeks in advance to fill the New Year with prosperity. The date is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar but always falls between the 21st January and the 20th February. This year's holiday is from February 15 - 21 (2018) and is the year of the Dog. There are 12 animal signs in total (pictured below), and each year the zodiac sign changes, moving through all of the animals until you reach a full circle, back to the year of the Dog in 2030. Next year will be the year of the Pig, where as last year was the year of the Rooster.

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese New Year is filled with traditions, from Chinese dumplings to firecrackers there is an abundance of cultural celebrations. Like most holidays, Chinese New Year is spent with family and one of the most popular traditions is the giving of red envelopes to children; money is sealed in a red envelope that symbolizes good luck and wards off evil spirits. In southern China, envelopes are given to the unmarried from the married, whereas in northern China, the elderly give envelopes to children. The Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year, where families come together to enjoy dinner and light lanterns. We are proud to introduce our new jewellery collection, inspired by Chinese New Year. We have a wide selection of pieces to choose from, ranging in colour and style. We have selected just a few of our favourite pieces to showcase below, but there is plenty more to choose from in our full collection.   Couture Enamel Chinese Dragon Brooch The dragon's body is beautifully designed, with every scale defined. The head and tail are finished with a flurry of small crystals, that match the base colour. Clutched in the dragon's claws, are two large clear crystals. This is a large brooch, measuring 18.5cm Length and 10cm Width. The brooch fastens with a revolving metal clasp, with the pin 7.5cm long, ensuing that brooch will stay securely attached to the garment you choose to pin it to.   Enamel Dragons Drop Brooch Available in red or green, this brooch features two Chinese dragons and one large crystal. The pin sits on the back of the larger dragon, whilst the smaller dragon hangs from a strip of gold coloured chain-mail. Dragons are legendary in Chinese folklore, symbolizing luck, power and strength. In Chinese folklore dragons are often depicted as snake-like creatures with four legs, which is why we have used this style for our Chinese New Year collection. In China the dragon has been used as an imperial symbol, with Emperors wearing the symbol of the dragon to assert their authority and lineage as "descendants of the dragon".   Butler & Wilson Dragon Sunglasses Own the streets this summer with these fierce designer sunglasses from Butler & Wilson. Featuring two spectacular crystal dragons on the arms of the sunglasses, these were designed to be worn with your head held high. The dragon is a legendary Chinese symbol, signifying power, strength and good luck, and let’s face it, we could all do with a bit more of that from time to time! Why not mix and match these glasses with some jewellery from the collection and take home your very own fleet of dragons.   Crystal Dragon Cuff Earrings These aren't your regular earrings, but then you're not a regular person, are you? Like our customers, these earrings have their own style and flair and we're confident that you will pull them off in a fabulous fashion. The cuff sits around the back of the ear, with the gold cuff itself barely visible. The red crystal Chinese dragon sits over the helix, whilst the four red crystals hangs just below the lobule. The two orange crystals that sit at either end of the cuff, sit in front of the ear adding that extra bit of sparkle.   Crystal Panda Drop Earrings These adorable little chaps guarantee to add an element of fun to your jewellery box. The arms and legs are all movable, giving the pandas freedom to dangle and dance from your ears to their heart's content. Covered from head to paw in dainty crystals, these guys will twinkle in the light as you twist and turn your head. The body and head are covered in silver crystals whilst the arms, legs, ears, eyes and nose are depicted with black crystals. The pandas hang from one larger crystal attached to the hook. In China, the panda is well-loved and highly regarded animal, symbolizing peace and friendship. The panda's black and white colouring is often associated with the yin and yang which is why it has come to symbolize peace.   Chinese Dragons Crystal Drop Necklace Available in green, red and gold, this necklace closes with a lobster clasp and extendable chain, so you can wear it at the desired length. The two Chinese dragons form part of the chain and meet at the nape of the neck, joined by a single green crystal. From the crystal hangs a stunning pendant, featuring a teardrop shaped crystal, framed with two crystal borders. The attention to detail and vibrant colours make this a particularly striking piece, that will attract attention from even the furthest corners of the room.   Chinese Dragon Compact Mirror Add some glamour to your handbags interior with this stunning compact mirror. Covered in glitter, crystals and vibrant colours, this Chinese Dragon Compact Mirror is anything but dull. The perfect solution for checking your lipstick hasn't smudged and your hair is still in place. A compact mirror is an essential for a handbag, and there certainly aren't many compact mirrors out there that look this. A three dimensional multi-colour Chinese dragon snakes down the length of the mirror, clutching three large crystals. The base of the mirror is covered in fine red glitter, framed with a border of small clear crystals. The mirror shuts with a magnetic close. Inside are two clear mirrors, surrounded by a high gloss red enamel.   Chinese New Year Jewellery Collection

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