Safari Sparkles

  Safari Sparkles Banner Release your wild side with these fierce accessories from Butler & Wilson. Let us take you on our very own safari, filled with dazzling jewels, vibrant colours and enchanting animals.   Vermeil Snake Bangle

This spectacular serpent will steal the show at any event, with a sleek design and a rich colour palette. Not only does this bangle boast a stunning design, it is also made from a treasure trove of jewels, featuring Green Obsidian, Ruby, Onyx and Green Garnet.

Some believe the snake to signify the source of life and a powerful primal energy. It is also thought that the snake represents healing power and life changing moments so perhaps this bangle might bring more to you than just style.

  Large Crystal Tiger Head on Chunky Chain Necklace

This show stopping piece of jewellery is hard for any jewellery lover with a wild side to resist. The bold chunky silver chain features a large crystal tiger head at the centre. The crystals are designed to mark out the pattern on the tiger’s head beautifully. Available in both gold and silver, you can choose which tiger takes your fancy (if you can resist checking out with both).

The tiger symbolises primal instinct and unpredictability. Some also believe it to be a sign of willpower and inner strength.

  Crystal Crocodile Necklace

Turn heads with this statement piece from Butler & Wilson, featuring a large crocodile centrepiece with a crystal encrusted head. Available in silver with red eyes, gold with green eyes or gold with red eyes and a green head. This piece would look spectacular paired with any outfit but is particularly striking when worn beneath an open shirt or over a black high neck dress.

The crocodile and alligator are thought to be the protectors of wisdom and knowledge and represent patience.

  Baguette Stones Snake Bangle

This gorgeous bangle is covered in glimmering crystals that will catch the light with every flick of your wrist. Available in gold, black, clear and green, there is one larger crystal atop the snakes head, between the crystal eyes. Just below you can see the snake’s tongue emerging from its mouth. The snake’s body wraps around the wrist twice with its tail curling off at the top and its head leading down with piercing vibrant eyes.

  Leopard Wrap Necklace

The Vermeil leopard is the centrepiece and entirety of this necklace, with its dazzling body wrapped around the neck and the front of the leopard’s body finishing at the nape of the neck with a spectacular Green Amethyst clutched between its paws. The delicate neutral colours make this a versatile piece to be worn with a variety of outfits. Featuring Green Amethyst, White Topaz and Onyx, this piece would take centre stage in your fine jewellery collection.

Large Crystal Elephant Head Brooch

Available in three colours, this large brooch from Butler & Wilson features a crystal encrusted elephant head. The elephant’s head is decorated with five pear cut crystals falling from the top of the head to the trunk, with a circle of smaller crystals framing the largest crystal.

The elephant is believed to be the symbol of wisdom and a reminder of buried memories, it also signifies loyalty and the importance of family.

  Large Crystal Flamingo Brooch

12cm high and 10.5cm wide, this stunning flamingo brooch not only dazzles in design but also in dimension. Pin this brooch to any garment to transform your outfit. You may be interested to know that flamingos stand on one leg to conserve body heat and their gorgeous pink colouring is due to their diet and the large quantities of shrimp they digest. In the animal kingdom, flamingos are thought to signify flirtation, a flamboyant attitude and a well-balanced life.


Release your wild side with this glamorous large snake crystal necklace. Available in clear and pewter, the necklace is covered from head to tail in dazzling Swarovski crystals with one large pear cut crystal on the top of the serpent’s head. Imagine turning up to a party in a classy low-cut black dress and heels with smoky eye make-up and this dazzling crystal serpent draped around your neck; you're bound to steal the show!

  Large Crystal Tiger Cuff

If you are looking for a statement piece, look no further! This cuff is not for the faint of heart and is to be worn with pride because with this by your side you will be the centre of attention with all eyes envious of you and your impeccable style. The tiger’s jaw fasten around your wrist to secure the bangle and give the illusion of your hand slipping through the tiger’s fierce mouth. The design of this piece is simply stunning with no detail overlooked; the top half of the head is covered in glimmering crystals with black detail forming the tiger’s skin stripes. The gold cuff features green crystal eyes and the silver features piercing red crystals for eyes.

  Small Crystal Leopard Head on Ring Earrings

Closely related to lions, tigers and jaguars, leopards are a graceful member of the big cat family. They are also renowned for their strength and agility as they carry their prey into the tree tops and spend most of their time lounging on the branches of trees. Leopards are arguably one of the most elusive animals and are highly skilled hunters. These small leopard head earrings are covered in Swarovski crystals with rich green eyes. The small size and simplistic design make these earrings extremely versatile to coordinate with any outfit.

  Elephant Ring with Ruby Blue Sapphire and Peridot

Without doubt, elephants are one of the world’s most adored animals, but why do we love these beautiful creatures so much? With the average elephant brain weighing a massive 5kg they are one of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom, with more emotional awareness than any other animal. Whilst being the largest land mammals on the planet and therefore potentially one of the most dangerous, elephants are gentle in nature and can even be compassionate towards other species. We wanted to create a piece that did this magnificent creature the justice it deserves, which is why we have designed this ring with Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Peridot.

  Crystal Crocodile Bangle

Found in tropical regions, crocodiles are cold-blooded creatures that choose to live in these conditions because they are unable to generate their own body heat. Crocodiles are athletes in the water, reaching speeds of up to 25mph when chasing prey due to the sheer strength of their tail. This gorgeous gold bangle depicts the crocodile beautifully, with the scales and ridges defined down its entire body. The crystal coated head adds a dazzling finish with the colourful crystal eyes enchanting all who behold it.

  Large Crystal Crocodile Cuff

If you ever wondered why crocodiles lie with their mouths wide open, they aren’t waiting for dinner to volunteer itself, they are ‘mouth gaping’, which is their alternative to sweating as they don’t perspire. Well, this crocodile’s mouth may appear to be lying open and empty, but once you put it on he will be feasting on your very own hand. The cuff clasps around your wrist to secure the bracelet and give the impression of your hand passing through the crocodile’s powerful jaws. Did you know, a crocodile’s bite is the most powerful in the animal kingdom…good job this one is made of crystals!

  Monkey on Double Chain Necklace

You may not know that there are three groups of primates, not just monkeys. There are Old World Monkeys, New World Monkeys and Apes. The biggest difference between monkeys and the ape family is the way in which they get around, whereas apes swing through the trees using the strength of their arms, other monkeys run from branch to branch. This Butler & Wilson necklace features a small crystal monkey hanging from the end of the necklace, off the third chain. It is a beautiful piece with a delicate design and fun charm with a cheeky monkey swinging around your neck.

  Snake Wrap Neclace

This spectacular piece of fine jewellery is encrusted with hundreds of Lemon Quartz, Garnet, White Topaz and Blue Sapphires. The snake’s body wraps itself around the neck with its head curling back on itself. The centrepiece of this necklace is the show-stopping Lemon Quartz clutched in the snake's coil. Although snakes may look like beautiful creatures they are extremely dangerous with some species using venomous bites to paralyse and kill their prey. The snake combines beauty and danger to make it one of the deadliest animals on the planet.

  Swarovski Crystal Leopard Head Clutch Bag

This clutch bag is simply spectacular, with a geometric pattern covered in Swarovski crystals. Whatever outfit you pair this clutch with, it's bound to steal the show and have heads turning in your direction all night. The elegant design and colour palette make it a great addition to any wardrobe. Much like a household cat, leopards purr when they are content and growl when they are angry, but we definitely recommend you don’t consider adopting one as a pet just yet as they are highly skilled hunters and predators…this clutch bag is definitely the safer option!

  Release your wild side with Butler & Wilson Safari Sparkles Collage Butler & Wilson

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