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red-lips-jewellery-butler-and-wilson Women’s lips have been a hot topic of discussion throughout history, causing a particular uproar when lipstick emerged. Red lips are an iconic symbol of sensuality and sexuality that have been used throughout history in logos, film, fashion, advertising, theatre, art, you name it. But red lips haven't always been so desirable or admired; in fact, lipstick was once banned, with a law passed declaring it to be a sign of witchcraft. Those who were found to be wearing it would be condemned as a witch, guilty of bewitching men. Lipstick was a taboo topic and fashion in Western civilisation until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Elsewhere in the world, red lipstick became socially acceptable and desirable much earlier with the Egyptians fully embracing the colouring of lips. In the UK it wasn’t until Queen Elizabeth I chose to rock red lipstick that society accepted it as a tolerable fashion. Beforehand it was considered sordid and a sign of prostitution or harlotry. The real global rise of red lipstick wasn’t until the Golden Age of Hollywood, when stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor taught us how to wear red lipstick. For the first time, technicolour film allowed us to witness the full glamour and glitz of Hollywood, and Hollywood’s leading ladies lips took main stage. red-lips-jewellery-marilyn-monroe Red lipstick still seems to carry connotations of a particular kind of woman, signifying female strength. Some people say that lipstick is intended to draw attention to our lips, and as this is where our words come from it commands the attention of others and encourages them to listen to us when we speak. Whereas the purpose of most cosmetics is to conceal ‘imperfections’, lipstick is designed to draw attention to our lips and accentuate one of our natural features. It’s this bold acceptance of our bodies and confidence that makes lipstick so iconic. So what do lips signify? Our lips are arguably our most prominent facial feature; protruding from our face with an enticing natural red tint. We use them to help us breathe, taste, eat and feel; they are one of our most skilled sensory receptors. As children we use them to learn about the world around us and perhaps most importantly we use them throughout life, to express our love and affection for those we care about. From both our side profiles and front facing, our lips naturally take the form of a love heart and the upper lip is said to resemble the curve of cupid’s arrow; the mythological god of desire, conceived by Venus, goddess of love and Mars, god of war. As for the colour red, it is often associated with love, passion, lust and desire, along with willpower, strength and determination; the perfect combination for a strong independent woman. red-lips-quote-butler-and-wilson butler-and-wilson-lips-collection


Clutch Bag with Crystal Lip

These crystal red lips contrast with the rich gold backdrop of the clutch bag. If you decide to rock your red lipstick, this clutch bag will compliment your pout spectacularly. The bold vibrant shades of gold and red make this piece perfect for confident women who love to make a statement.  


Enamel Lip Clutch Bag

The simplicity of this clutch bag is what makes it so striking. Once you get beyond the vibrant exterior, inside the bag you will find gorgeous rich red lining, gold trimming, a detachable gold chain and shoulder straps for versatile use. Walk out the door with this premium pout in hand and you will feel like Marilyn Monroe herself.  


Medium Crystal Lips Brooch

You can wear your lippy everywhere with this crystal lips brooch. Covered in red Swarovski crystals, not only does this brooch stun with its vibrant colour but it also dazzles with its glimmering gems. This plump pout’s versatility means you can wear it anywhere with any outfit; attach it to a coat, bag, scarf, tie or whatever you please and wear your statement red lips with the confidence to take on the world.  


Crystal Multi Lip Bracelet

Perfect for a night out on the town, coffee with girls, date night or your office job; this crystal multi lip bracelet is designed to be worn anywhere and everywhere. Its delicate size and dainty gold chain make it an elegant choice, whilst its eight vivacious red crystal encrusted lips make a bright bold statement of confidence and passion. This bracelet allows you to carry red lippy around without distracting from your own plush pout.  


Crystal Lip Shape Glasses Holder Brooch

Carry your glasses around in style with this stunning crystal lip brooch. So long to the glasses propped on your head or hung from your blouse; this brooch is specially designed to hold your glasses in spectacular fashion. Simply apply your red lipstick and attach your luscious lips brooch to your blouse/jacket in the morning, then when you need to take your glasses off, slip one arm through the hoop and let them rest in style for all to see.  


Enamel Lip on Leather Cord Necklace

For those days when you’re feeling sexy and assertive, this leather lip necklace is bound to leave a lasting impression. And if you’re not feeling the red lipstick, you can embrace gold or black lippy instead with our two alternative necklaces. The black leather cord fastens with a gold magnetic clasp, which is matched to the two metal gold features at the front of the necklace, sitting either side of the main feature; those iconic ruby red Butler & Wilson lips. lips-eyes-collection-butler-and-wilson

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