Fantastic Butler & Wilson Beasts & Where to Find Them

Butler and Wilson Beasts

With the release of JK Rowling’s new film trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, we thought we’d showcase some of our most fabulous creature creations that you can find right here at Butler & Wilson.

Large Crystal Open Wings Owl Necklace Whether you choose to pair it with a casual look or evening glamour, this spectacular necklace guarantees to draw attention. This enchanting beast can be found at Butler & Wilson, amongst other spectacular creatures. The large owl pendant is coated with sparkling Swarovski crystals which are carefully chosen to define each feather. The varying shades of crystal beautifully show off the sheer magnificence of the wings and fanned tail. The owl is thought to be a symbol of wisdom and prophecy, derived from the goddess Athena, so perhaps this necklace will bring you wise choices in life; and if not you’ll still look absolutely fabulous anyway!   Entwined Chinese Dragon Crystal Brooch The Chinese dragon is believed to bring power, strength and good luck (which we could all do with some more of from time to time). This beautiful brooch features an entwined Chinese dragon, holding a stunning jewel in its mouth. In Western and Eastern culture, mythological dragons were traditionally known for hoarding and guarding great treasures. Well, we think that this brooch is a treasure in its own right so the lucky owners of such a brooch need to guard it with great care, and maybe it will even bring them good luck.   Peacock Brooch The peacock is renowned for its beauty and lure, and is often used to symbolise love and romance. In the animal kingdom it is in fact the male peacock that is recognised for its great beauty and luminous colours. With this striking peacock brooch you can wear all of these mesmerising colours at any one time. Balancing on a dazzling turquoise jewel, the peacock gazes down at its waterfall tail, made from dainty crystals in varying shades of blue. If you are looking for something less traditional you will also find a tropical coloured peacock brooch at Butler & Wilson, with shades of blue, green, red and gold.  
Crystal Cancer Adjustable Ring Known as the spider of the sea, the crab symbolises security and protection. Born with armour encasing its body, the crabs’ vulnerability lies beneath the shield of its shell; protecting itself from the unknown dangers and threats of the world. This ring features a dazzling jewel at the centre of the crab’s armour, with smaller crystals encrusting the rest of his body and pincers. The crab is also the Zodiac symbol for Cancer, so if your birthday falls between 22 June and 22 July, this is the perfect ‘magical beast’ for you.   Swarovski Crystal Fish Clutch Bag We’re pretty sure we can guess you don’t already have a bag quite like this. Perfect for adding a fun twist to any outfit, this vibrant fish clutch bag is what your wardrobe has been longing for! Its golden base adds a warm glow beneath the bright orange scales which dazzle with Swarovski crystals. The bag opens from the fins on top of its back to reveal a luxurious brown lining and a detachable shoulder strap. It may be worth knowing that in Chinese culture the goldfish is believed to represent wealth and prosperity, so what better place to keep your purse!   Crystal Peacock Ring This beautiful ring brings the peacock to life, with its aqua shades and three dimensional design. The crystals on the peacock’s magnificent tail create a gorgeous ombré effect with varying shades from blue to green. The delicate gold borders help define each element of the peacock, from its beak to each individual feather. Peacocks are magnificent creatures, who win a mate with showmanship and extravagant displays. The male lures the female in with mating calls and then fans his tail to boast its size and colour. Perhaps by wearing this stunning ring you will inherit the lure of the peacock and attract some desirable suitors.   Crystal Leopard Mirror Ring This alluring crystal leopard ring has a secret; hidden beneath its head is a concealed mirror. This is the essential accessory to ensure your lipstick is always on point; a girl’s best friend on a date! With this ring you can check your makeup is still intact without anyone knowing. With an adjustable band, this ring will fit any finger of any size so you can alternate to match other accessories. The leopards head is coated with stunning crystals, so you will dazzle with every flick of the wrist.  
Elephant Brooch With rich vibrant colours this brooch guarantees to add a touch of the elegant exotic to any outfit of choice. The understated use of crystals makes it a versatile piece with just enough sparkle to dazzle. The elephant carries different meanings in each culture but is most frequently recognised as a symbol of strength, wisdom and remembrance. If these are qualities you hold close to your heart, add this gorgeous elephant brooch to your accessories collection and wear it with pride.   Butler and Wilson Creatures

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