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Although we don’t have a collection dedicated to peacock jewellery, we have so many stunning pieces now that we felt it was about time we put them together.

Peacocks have been used as a symbol of wealth and beauty since ancient times. The peacock can be seen frequently depicted in art through the ages, dating back to Christian tomb art and ancient Rome.

The peacock originates from India, where it is used as a symbol of royalty. This royal motif made its way into Western culture, with monarchies using peacocks in art and decor.

In Roman times, the peacock was frequently used as a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. This came from observations that a peacock's feather doesn't fade and therefore symbolizes immortality. This is why peacocks were often depicted in Christian tomb art.

Peacocks and their feathers in particular are still very poplar motifs, frequently used in art, decor, interior design and fashion across the globe.

Only male peacocks have the exquisite vibrant plumage that's so often depicted in art and fashion. The purpose of this vibrant display of colours is to attract females (peahens) in mating season. As a general rule, the larger and brighter the plumage, and the more 'eyespots' it has, the more likely they are to find a mate.

Incredibly, a peacock's tail feathers can grow up to six feet, making up 60% of its body length. The vibrant colouring of the peacock is due to microscopic 'crystal-like structures', reflecting light and creating fluorescent colours.

This magnificent creature has inspired some of our creations, and influenced the pieces below. Flaunt your stuff like a peacock and wear your style with pride; who knows, maybe you'll even attract a mate!

  Crystal Peacock Brooch This mesmerizing peacock brooch is made up of a rainbow of crystals, creating a striking three-dimensional effect. The peacock's tail is framed with a row of large teardrop shaped crystals. Set on a gold tone metal, the warmth from the base compliments the multi-colour palette. Whilst this brooch is adorned with sparkling crystals in predominately blue and green tones we have also designed the same brooch with predominately pink tones, so you can choose your favourite. A showstopping piece for any outfit, this brooch is extremely versatile so you can wear it in as many ways as you want.   Crystal Peacocks & Flower Drop Necklace This spectacular necklace features two peacocks, covered head to tail in dainty crystals. The two peacocks meet at the nape of the neck, connected by a single clear crystal. A flower pendant hangs from a link attached to the crystal, sitting just below the peacocks. At the centre of the pendant is a slightly smaller crystal, surrounded by colourful petals, covered in dainty crystals. No detail has been overlooked; the closer you look at this necklace, the more there is to see. Each individual tail feather is depicted in an ombre colouring, with small crystals filling the frame. Additional crystals have been placed between the feathers for an extra splash of sparkle. The necklace fastens with a lobster clasp, finished off with an extendable Butler & Wilson chain. This is the perfect piece for Spring and Summer and is available in green or pink.   Big Crystal Peacock & Flowers Brooch An enchanting display of colour and sparkle, this brooch guarantees to brighten up any outfit! The peacocks head is gently framed with a variety of flowers and a couple of butterflies. The colours are all soft pastels, complimenting each other, whilst the piercing black eye and dark green crown, contribute a contrast. Whilst there is plenty to look at, the peacock is the main feature, with the black eye drawing focus. The pink ombre effect on the neck of the peacock is cleverly designed with an assortment of small crystals and a faded base colour. The brooch is set on a gold coloured base, giving it a warm glow.  
Peacock Brooch | B&W
Available in blue or multi-colour, this elegant brooch would make the perfect addition to your jewellery collection. The peacocks tail features a waterfall of small crystals in a variety of shades. The crystals are evenly separated on thin wire, creating a fine elegant effect. Three larger crystals sit in the body of the peacock, whilst the peacocks feet rest on a single large circular crystal. The varied colour tones make this a versatile piece that can be matched with any outfit. Whether you choose to pair this brooch with a formal evening dress or casual denim jacket, it will add that extra something special.   Crystal Peacock Ring Get your fix of statement sparkle with this spectacular Crystal Peacock Ring. The crystals have been carefully selected and placed to create an ombre effect, featuring a range of blue and green shades. Each tail feather has been defined separately, with several crystals decorating each one. The peacocks crown stands proud atop it's head, coated with vibrant red crystals. This stunning ring is also available in multi-colour, so you can choose your favourite design.  


B&W Crystal Peacock & Flowers Brooch This striking brooch is very similar in style to a brooch further up this page. However, this brooch is smaller in size, measuring: Width: 6cm by Length: 8cm. The colours are also slightly more vibrant, making it really pop and stand out against any garment. Whilst the pink is set on a gold coloured base, the green is set on a black, framing the silhouette of the peacock and flowers.   Crystal Peacock Bracelet Add a statement piece to your collection with this enchanting bracelet. Covered in an array of crystals, the peacock's body and tail is defined with different shades and sizes of crystal. Whilst the body is pink, the tail feathers alternated between pink ombre and green ombre, creating a three-dimensional effect. The edge of the tail is framed with large teardrop shaped crystals. Add a splash of sparkle and colour to your wardrobe just in time for Spring and Summer.   Peacock & Moon Crescent Brooch | B&W How many peacocks do you see sat on the moon?! This unique brooch features the most stunning palette of colours, with a royal blue and vibrant mustard yellow/gold as the primary colours, complimented by secondary colours, including green, purple and red. Each tail feather is beautifully depicted with a single crystal, three colours and a textured effect. Whilst the peacock itself is finished in a smooth gloss and crystals, the moon on which it sits is coated in fine glitter, framing the peacock body in spectacular fashion.   Couture Crystal Peacock Brooch | B&W Going from the daintiest crystals to the most extravagant, this peacock brooch isn't short of sparkle. Whilst the entire brooch is covered from head to tail in crystals, the definition remains pristine, with a thin gold border framing each part of the peacock's body. Amongst the sea of circular crystals, there are a few dainty star shaped crystals; how many can you spot?! This is a real statement piece that will definitely spark a few conversations. With so many duplicate designs and repetitive styles, we think it's important to design pieces that really stand out and make a statement, so you can always find something to suit your style.   Designer Jewellery |Butler & Wilson

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