Our Top 5 Brilliantly Bold Brooches

Nothing makes a bold statement as much as a luxurious, sparkling crystal brooch. Adding a sparkly touch to a jacket, hat, or handbag can transform an everyday item into a glamourous fashion piece to make an instant impression.

Brooches have a long history of being a bold fashion statement. As early as the 17th century, the beautifully bold gemstone brooches we know, were the height of fashion and were often worn in the hair or attached to a headband. In the 18th and 19th century, floral spray brooches which had a centre flower that could move when worn, created a trembling effect when the gemstones moved in the candlelight. And in the art deco era, large baguette stone brooches in geometric designs were worn as dress clips, pinned to the straps, necklines, collars and cuffs.

In more recent times, brooches have been worn by many famous and influential people. Queen Elizabeth is known for having an extensive array of brooches in various gemstones. Princess Diana also wore stunning crystal brooches to accessorise evening gowns or blazers, including Butler & Wilson’s snake brooch and military star brooch. Former US secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, even used her eclectic pin collection as diplomatic weaponry, to pose non-verbal statements about various political affairs.

Beautiful crystal-encrusted brooches are not just for special occasions. A colourful, eye-catching brooch looks just as dazzling on eveningwear as on a plain white t-shirt, floral summer dress, chiffon scarf or plain sweater.

What are our top five brilliantly bold brooches for the summer? Please read on to find out our top picks and how you can transform your look with one of our unique brooches.

Large Multi Crystal Encrusted Hummingbird Brooch

Hummingbird brooch

Our hummingbird brooch consists of multi-coloured crystals in dazzling blues, greens, yellows, and purples. This spectacular brooch captures the shimmering colours, grace and elegance of these tiny birds. This brooch looks stunning against light or dark clothing.

You can add the sparkling hummingbird to a dress coat, jacket’s lapel or pin it on a sweater to create a unique look.

Shop our crystal hummingbird brooch here.

Signature Crystal Dancing Couple BroochDancing couple brooch

To add a touch of elegance to eveningwear, choose this studded crystal brooch in the form of a dancing couple. This art-deco inspired style piece encapsulates the decadent 1920s with black and white tones and a dazzling crystal ballgown and jacket. The elegant and stylish brooch looks just as contemporary now as it would 100 years ago.

This brooch looks impressive pinned to the lapel of a black gown, jacket, or formal evening attire.

Shop our signature crystal dancing couple brooch here.

Crystal And Pliqué a Jour Unicorn BroochUnicorn brooch

This crystal-encrusted unicorn is an attention-grabbing accessory for everyday wear or formal occasions. The unique orange unicorn with its pliqué-a-jour neck, crystal mane and fun horn is sure to get people talking. Adding to the razzle-dazzle are hanging crystals in yellow, blue and green colours.

Glitz up the lapel of a dress coat, jacket or shirt by pinning on this colourful, majestic unicorn. Also, the stunning unicorn brooch wouldn’t look out of place on a fancy hat or handbag.

Shop our crystal and pliqué a jour unicorn brooch here.

Large Crystal Tiger Head BroochTiger Brooch

What could make more of a bold statement than this dramatic tiger head brooch? White crystals accent the gold, yellow, and black enamel work. Adding to the fierce look of the teeth-bearing tiger is an emerald-coloured eye. The silver version of the growling tiger head has a stunning red eye that adds vivid contrast to the silvery head.

Our exclusive large tiger head brooch is not for the faint-hearted. Pin this to the lapel of a dress coat to attract attention. Or why not glam up your denims by strategically using the brooch in place of a belt buckle.

Shop our large crystal tiger head brooch here.

Lux Crystal Royalty Crown BroochCrown brooch

This spectacular crown brooch has all the sophistication and glamour of a royal pageant. The sparkling appearance of this royal crown is thanks to cut AB crystals in various shapes and sizes. Set in a metal frame, the crystals reflect and disperse light in dazzling hues and tones. This brooch will not only draw people’s attention, but it will also make you feel like royalty wearing it.

Choose from the clear-crystal crown or the decadent, colourful crown with its multi-coloured crystals. This glitzy and glamourous brooch will accessorise any jacket, handbag, or lapel for formal or informal occasions.

Shop our lux crystal royalty crown brooch here.

For more brilliantly bold brooches, browse our collection of crystal brooches here.

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