Celebrating the Special Women in Your Life: A Q&A with Mums

Nicola wears Butler & Wilson Crystal Pansy Necklace

Nicola wears Butler & Wilson Crystal Pansy Necklace.

Name: Nicola Adams aka Tallulah

Occupation: Lingerie Boutique owner (Tallulah Lingerie, Islington)

Mother of Finley (18) & Dolly (13)

How has the pandemic changed or affected your daily routine both as a mother and a business women?

Without being too dramatic it’s been an absolute nightmare! I have worked even harder than ever this year just to survive, after having to close the shop I had to up my Instagram game and offer a virtual fitting service (this is something I already did for a select few overseas customers) but now it's the new normal regarding customer services & shopping all things lingerie.

Home schooling wasn’t too bad but having the children home all of the time was slightly challenging... Art classes with Dolly turned into how to do the perfect winged eyeliner & this was really fun. On the whole I think we adapted really well but not without the odd heated tantrum. As a family we thrive on routine but as you can imagine any existing ones went out of the window as soon as lockdown started so for everyone’s sake we formed new ones!

How do you practice your own well being & self love?

There is nothing like a steaming hot bath in the afternoon with plenty of essential oil’s. This is meeee time...

If you were to give your 20 year old self a word of advice what would it be?

To stay true to yourself & what you believe in.

What attracted you to the industry you now work in?

Non other than my love for lingerie & the frustration of not being able to find anywhere that sold beautiful well fitting pieces that were for me not my partner, I needed an environment that empowered me not shamed me.

What would be your perfect Mother’s Day?

Coffee & cuddles in bed. (maybe not with Finley anymore...) followed by a long walk in the park with Hendrix our dog & the whole family then on to having homemade pizzas in the garden - first thing my partner bought in lockdown was a pizza oven & we love it! After this, a couple of rounds of backgammon whilst relaxing with a Gin Fizz.

Do you & your family have any Mother’s Day traditions?

Not really any traditions as such sometimes I will work Mother’s Day but my partner always makes sure the children make a fuss of me which I love.

 Polly Wearing Butler & Wilson Pearls

Polly wears Butler & Wilson Baroque Pearl Necklace and Barqoque Pearl Earrings (similar).


Name: Polly kemp


Yoga teacher

Mother of Gabriel (26), Iggy (23),  Finlay (21)

How has the pandemic changed or affected you daily routine as a mother and as a business woman?

I usually teach in a studio at Babington House and at retreats in the UK Europe but have had to move my classes online during the pandemic and of course all retreats were cancelled.

How do you practice your own well-being and self love?

Teaching yoga! I practice yoga alone and meditate and am lucky enough to live in the countryside so go for long walks with my 2 dogs.

If you were to give your 20 year old self a word of advice, what would it be?

Have more fun. See the world.

What attracted you to the industry you now work in?

I was an actress and dancer before children and knew I wanted to find something I could do which would allow me to move and work my body daily!

What would be your perfect Mother's Day?

All my kids home with me.

Do you and your family have any Mother's Day traditions?

Not really. But whichever of the children is around they always come and have supper at home.


Photography by Liddie Holt (@liddieholt)

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