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We are very excited to introduce our exciting new military collection.

The armed forces have had an influence on fashion throughout history, with various styles and trends from military uniforms inspiring both high end and mainstream fashion designers and retailers. It’s a reoccurring fashion trend that is popular worldwide. Once of the key benefits of investing in a reoccurring fashion is that it will always be relevant. You have probably seen numerous articles around the web about how ‘military is back in fashion’ but the fact is, it never really left! Butler & Wilson Military Collection With so many different armed forces to influence this popular fashion, there are endless designs and styles to choose from and mix and match. Not only can we take inspiration from different countries, but also different eras. From the classic bomber jacket, to aviator sunglasses, to camo cargo pants; even if you didn’t realise that you were buying into this trend, you probably already have one or two military influenced pieces in your wardrobe. So why is this style so popular?! Partly because of its versatility and longevity, as mentioned above, but also for what it represents. Although we all have very different views on war, history and the armed forces, most people hold the armed forces in high regard and this trend is a tribute to the bravery and camaraderie of the military and those who have served. This fashion trend also acts as a reminder of our history and those who came before us. Shop Military Collection At Butler & Wilson we have been very excited about launching this new collection and we are confident that there is something here for everyone; whether you have flamboyant taste or you’re looking for something a little more traditional and simplistic, we have the piece that will make your wardrobe complete.
  B&W Military Lion Medal Brooch This stunning brooch is one of our favourite pieces from the collection, with our Butler & Wilson signature at the centre of the medallion, topped off with our iconic red crown. The contrast of the rich bold colours and the attention to detail makes this a particularly striking piece, that can be dressed up or down. This is an extremely versatile accessory, to be paired with any garment but looks particularly stunning against red or black. The brooch attaches from the back of the lion, with the medallion hanging down with some freedom of movement from the chain mail.   Medal & Fleur De Lis Body Chain Necklace This is a very unique statement piece, to take pride of place in your jewellery collection.  This body chain necklace is extremely versatile and can be paired with anything, from a suit to a red bikini. The variety of medallions makes this an eye-catching piece that draws the eye. With so much detail to take in, you're likely to find yourself the centre of attention at parties.   Crystal Crown Adjustable Bracelet This is a beautifully dainty piece with an easy fasten. The crown is designed to decorate your wrist in spectacular fashion with an abundance of sparkling crystals. Available in gold and silver, you can choose your favourite, or perhaps treat yourself to both! Whilst the crown curves around the top of your wrist, the flexible chain fastens underneath with a two point pull mechanism – simply pull the ends tighter and push the gold bead further to your wrist to adjust accordingly.   Crystal Lion and Medal Brooch As a symbol of strength and power, the lion has frequently been used in English banners, flags and medals throughout history. Considered the king of the animal kingdom, the use of a symbolic lion suggests that the bearer (country and individual) is superior to the opposition. The Royal Banner of England features three Barbary lions, the national animal of England. In history, soldiers and warriors who have demonstrated considerable bravery and leadership have been known as ‘lions’ – you may be familiar with the name Richard the Lionheart.   Crystal Falcon Chain Necklace The falcon has been used throughout history as a symbol of success and victory, often depicted in military air force badges. The falcon pendant is attached to a large gold chain that fastens with a lobster clasp on an extension chain. The pendant is beautifully detailed, with each individual gold feather carefully defined. The falcon’s body is encrusted with clear crystals and the head and tail are finished with a bronze ombre effect to draw the eye. This piece would make a stunning edition to any collection.   Crown & Medal Drop Brooch Dress up your wardrobe with this vibrant crown and medal drop brooch. At Butler & Wilson, we like to think that jewellery says something about your personality and this brooch screams bright, bold and beautiful! The three primary colours are red, blue and gold, creating a beautifully rich colour palette. If you love this design but would prefer something slightly more subtle, we also have this brooch available in silver.   Fleur De Lis Cufflinks & Clutch Pin Set These elegant fleur-de-lis cufflinks and clutch pin make the perfect set, creating a regal statement without overpowering the rest of your outfit. With five dainty crystals on each piece, there is just the right amount of sparkle. The fleur-de-lis is associated with the French monarchy and European coats of arms. Supposedly the three lily petals are representative of three medieval social classes. The fleur-de-lis has featured on endless military badges and medals through the ages, making it an iconic symbol.   Crystal Crown Medal Brooch This elegant minimalistic brooch is available in a range of colours: black, multicolour, pink and clear. The crown is representative of the monarchy and the cross on the chain mail represents the church; these two entities have been paramount in every battle in history. The crown and the cross were often featured in British military badges and medals to decorate soldiers with the power of the monarchy and the church, as a reminder of what they fought for; 'for queen and country'.   Butler & Wilson | Military Collection

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