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Ladybird Jewellery-lifestyle Did you know that we have 46 different species of Ladybird in the United Kingdom! Ranging from beautiful red & black, yellow & black, orange and white and even black with red spots. The most common variety is the red and black Ladybird with 7 spots on its shell, this is thought to be the variety that inspired the name. ‘Lady’ refers to the Virgin Mary (otherwise known as Our Lady) who in early painting was always depicted wearing a red cloak and the 7 spots are symbolic of the seven sorrows and seven joys of Mary. The Coccinellidae beetle quickly became thought of as ‘Our lady’s bird’, and hence the name Ladybird stuck. It is a common myth that the number of spots on a Ladybird correlates to its age! The Ladybird conjures up images of beautiful British Summer time, when the new flock of Ladybirds hatch and flit around our gardens, going about their job as natures own pest controllers, feeding on aphids and tiny insects. These little pretties are very important and have inspired some pretty enchanting jewellery here at Butler and Wilson.  
These stunning earrings make a beautiful summer accessory. Made up from 2 pearls, the smaller pearl sitting on the earlobe and attaches to the larger drop pearl through a small gold link. The crystal Ladybird rests on top of the larger pearl, which can gently move around as it hangs from the ear. These earrings are the perfect length, resting just below the top of your jaw bone. L: 4.5cm W: 2cm  
Adjustable ladybird bracelet
This pretty bracelet is perfect for the summer months, with a single red and black crystal covered Ladybird in the centre of a crystal covered gold chain. The bracelet catches the light beautifully, adding a little extra sparkle to your summer soiree. The bracelet is adjustable allowing for a looser or tighter fit, and super easy to use with a two-pull system. By pulling one chain after the other and pushing the bead closer to your wrist, this allows more flexibility of how you wear your bracelet. L: 29cm W: 1.2cm   A gorgeous pendant necklace featuring a single Ladybird made out of sparkling Cubic Zirconia Crystals. This necklace would be the perfect added glamour to a summer’s party dress. The pendant comes in 2 colourways, a classic gold and black for understated charm or pink and black for those looking for something with an alternative lustre. Both styles sit on a delicate chain that fastens with a lobster clip, allowing for added length. L: 42cm + 6cm (extension chain) H: 2cm W: 1.5cm  
Ladybird Ring
A fun Ladybird ring, that will be sure to draw attention. A gorgeous ruby red Ladybird with the magical 7 spots, that sits on a smooth gold band. The ladybird has a black crystal covered head with 2 emerald coloured eyes and small gold coloured antennas. LadyBird Ring L: 3cm W: 3cm  
Ladybird crystal clutch bag
If you’re looking for a statement bag to add to your wardrobe this summer, be sure to look no further than this striking Ladybird Clutch bag. Adorned in stunning Swarovski crystals all over, with a beautiful backdrop of red crystals, a black crystal head and 2 emerald green eyes, this Ladybird features 7 larger crystal spots on the closed wings. Once the bag is open it reveals the bright gold leather interior. This is a magical bag, that is sure to set you apart from the crowd and be an amazing addition to your collection of handbags. Height: 11.5 cm Width:15 cm Ladybird jewellery collection

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