Dangerously Dashing

Dangerously Dashing At Butler & Wilson we create unique accessories to help express your personality and spruce up your wardrobe. The pieces we have chosen to feature in our men’s collection are bold and beautifully brazen. Whatever your style, we there is bound to be a piece that catches your eye.   Men's Jewellery | Butler & Wilson Men have been embracing jewellery and extravagant accessories for centuries, and there is plenty of evidence of this throughout famous historic portraits. Both Shakespeare and Charles I can be seen wearing an earring in famous portraits. Historically, not only have men worn jewellery for aesthetic purposes but also to establish their status in society. As an aristocrat, the more jewels you wore and the finer your clothes, the greater your station in the social hierarchy. Not only did accessories demand respect due to status, they could also be awarded as a sign of gratitude and respect. For centuries, brave soldiers and war heroes have been honoured with extravagant medals as a sign of their country’s respect and appreciation. Whereas the majority of ladies’ jewels were designed merely as accessories, men’s jewellery was often designed with a practical purpose in mind. The pocket watch was a timekeeping device with an attachable watch chain to keep it safely connected to the breeches. The likes of tie clips, cravat pins, cufflinks and signet rings all hold a primary purpose but the designs of such items were often more extravagant than the function itself. Although it is extremely satisfying when jewellery has a practical function, we believe the main purpose of accessories should be to express the personality of the wearer. Many of us feel quite protective and sometimes nostalgic towards jewellery collections, as each individual piece can serve as a reminder of a period of our lives or special event. Often jewellery is passed down through generations, carrying with it great meaning and emotional value. This I why we think of our accessories as so much more than just trinkets; they are items that will one day form a personal memoir of your life.   Boys Just Wanna Have Fun   Small Crystal Skull Adjustable Ring We are well renowned for our skull accessories and this ring definitely lives up to our reputation. You can find out more about the history of skulls accessories in our blog, ‘Skulls in Fashion’. Available in clear, gold and pewter, you can choose which colour you prefer. The band is adjustable so you don’t need to worry about finding the right fit and you can alternate between fingers. The ring features a large skull, encrusted with various sizes of Swarovski crystals. We have plenty of skull accessories, so you can always co-ordinate this ring with other items from our skull collection.   Crystal Spider Body Chain Some love them and some hate them, but either way there is no denying that spiders are fascinating creatures. This piece not only guarantees to add some sophisticated glamour to your outfit but is also bound to be a conversation starter. Not many people can claim to own a crystal spider body chain! Butler & Wilson customers love our unique designs, that make our products stand out and we don’t think this piece will disappoint. The two small spiders at the top of the chain are featured above the main pendant, a large crystal spider crawling up the web towards the crystal joining the chains. If black isn’t your colour and you would like something a little more vibrant, we also have this body chain available in clear and pink.   Live Bold | Butler & Wilson   Skull Trinket Box If you’re on our website there’s a good chance you like to accessorize, and if that’s true you’re definitely going to need somewhere to store your favourite pieces! Don’t settle for an average jewellery box when you can store your jewellery in something just as impressive as your collection. This skull trinket box shuts with a magnetic seal and opens by pushing up on the Swarovski crystal flower at the front. Covered in metal skulls, this is a stunning piece designed to store treasured items. If you’re not a fan of silver, we also have this trinket box available in gold.   Medium Crystal Eye Brooch One of our other most popular collections is our eye collection. Featuring a rich blue iris, this crystal eye brooch is mesmerising to look at. Brooches have to be one of our favourite types of accessory due to their versatility. Whatever you’re wearing, you will always have somewhere to pin a brooch. Whether that's a scarf, backpack, tie, cravat, suit jacket, jeans, shirt or something else, this brooch can be paired with any garment you choose. Featuring Swarovski crystals and one large teardrop crystal, this brooch catches the light spectacularly. The crystal teardrop is attached with a couple of links, giving it freedom of movement from the eye, making it more eye catching (excuse the pun).   Live Life In Colour | Butler & Wilson   Crown & Medal Drop Brooch Available in gold and clear, this regal brooch is a stunning piece designed to stand out. There are so many intricate details on this brooch, it’s hard to know where to look first. The pin is attached to the back of the crown at the top of the brooch and the rest hangs down from the chain-link band. The rich red crown is decorated with a crystal cross and small crystal flower at the base. Whilst there is an abundance of colour featured on the gold brooch shown above, the red crown is the only secondary colour on our silver version, making it a very prominent feature.   Crystal Cross Chain Necklace This crystal necklace boasts a contrast of simplicity and flamboyance. The delicate chain holds the cross pendant, decorated with rich pink crystals. The centre crystal is surrounded by 6 large crystals, whilst those are framed with much smaller pink crystals to create a bright dazzling cross. The necklace fastens on an extendable chain so you can adjust the length of the necklace accordingly with your outfit choice. We also have the necklace available in black and gold so you can choose your favourite. Or, even better, why not mix and match and wear a couple of crystal cross chain necklaces at different lengths to make a real statement.   Wear Your Personality | Butler & Wilson   Arrow & Eye Crystal Brooch This stunning pin brooch is such a versatile piece due to its dainty design and dimensions. Measuring 2cm (width) by 8cm (length), it’s small enough to pin to most garments whilst still large enough to make an impact. Although you can attach this brooch anywhere, it does look particularly effective pinned to a tie. Covered in Swarovski crystals, this brooch reflects the light beautifully. Available in both clear and gold, you can choose your favourite.   Entwined Chinese Dragon Crystal Brooch This piece is bright, bold and beautiful! Transform any outfit with this fierce brooch, available in red and gold. The Chinese dragon is depicted spectacularly with multi-tone crystals creating the illusion of scales. The gold metal base introduces a warm tone below the crystals, whilst the two small green crystals create cold piercing eyes. The dragon’s body is beautifully entwined, bending back on itself to protect the large crystal treasure clutched between its back feet.   Embrace the Spotlight | Butler & Wilson  
Dangling Skulls & Cross Crystal Military Brooch This military style brooch is adorned with crystal skulls, chains, more crystals and a large cross pendant. The crystal skulls are so small that they are barely identifiable until you have a closer look, making the brooch even more intriguing. Available in clear and pewter, this design is extremely flexible and can be paired with most outfits but looks particularly effective pinned to a suit jacket, leather jacket or denim jacket.   Large skeleton hand with skull shoulder brooch Simon Wilson | Skull Shoulder Brooch This has to be one of our favourite pieces and it comes in multiple variations. You can see our very own Simon Wilson with our red crystal shoulder brooch to the right.   This really is a statement piece, to be worn pinned to the top of the shoulder, creating the illusion of a skeletal hand creeping over your back.   At Butler & Wilson we never do anything by half, which is why even our accessories are wearing accessories! This skeleton hand features a large black crystal ring on its ring finger. Why not go all out and get the skeleton ring to match – then you and your brooch can wear matching rings! Men's Collection | Butler & Wilson

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