What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Easter Collection | B&W With the clocks going forward and the days becoming longer and brighter, it can only mean one thing… Easter is just around the corner! Easter ChicksEaster is a time to see your family, enjoy some sunshine (or apparently this year some snow) and it’s also a great excuse to indulge in a welcome supply of chocolate! Every family has their own traditions, whether that might be heading to the Easter Sunday church service, decorating your very own Easter tree, made from twigs and egg baubles, making and of course eating cornflake cakes, or maybe a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt. It’s our own unique traditions that make this time of the year so jovial. It’s not just different families that have their own traditions, each country celebrates the holiday in its own way. For example, whilst chocolate moulded into bunnies is a common sight in UK supermarkets at this time of the year, chocolate bilbies are more common in Australia. In Scandinavia, children dress up as witches and go out begging for chocolate. In Greece, hollowed eggs are painted red, lamb is roasted and pottery is thrown from rooftops. In Poland, people take to the streets with buckets of cold water to drench one another (indulging in chocolate Easter eggs sounds far more relaxing). These are only a few of the traditions from around the world, each derived from different beliefs and customs. We decided to launch our very own Easter 2018 collection, to introduce some fun new accessories. With so many beautiful pastels, bright colours and charismatic icons around at Easter time, it wasn’t hard to find inspiration and come up with some playful designs. We hope you like our new collection and have a very happy Easter! We have chosen just a few of our favourites below, but you can view the collection in full here.
Butler & Wilson Easter Collection Collage
Duck Earrings - Yellow These adorable little chaps are part of our Duck Collection. Hanging from a leverback hook, these little ducks swing freely with a dainty crystal sparkling above. They have been depicted in a bright yellow with an orange beak and feet. If you’re not a big fan of yellow, we do have alternative options! These Easter earrings are also available in gold and pink, and they come with a lot more sparkle!   Mother Duck with her Ducks Necklace If two little ducklings wasn’t adorable enough, what about a mother duck and her entourage of baby ducklings?! Our mother duck necklace features one large yellow duck, followed by a trail of four adorable ducklings. This would make a wonderful gift for a mother or daughter this Easter. The necklace fastens with a lobster clasp on an extendable chain, so you have the freedom to choose how you wear this necklace. Whether you choose to pair this with an evening dress or casual jumper, you can be sure that it will add some whimsical charm to your outfit and encourage a few smiles from passers-by.   Enamel Duckling Necklace - Gold

Also from our Duck Collection, this Enamel Duckling Necklace would make a charming addition to any jewellery box. With five little ducklings all evenly spaced and waddling in the same direction, there is plenty to look at.

These gorgeous little ducklings aren’t just bright pink; they are in fact bright pink and covered from beak to toe in sparkle. These aren’t your average ducks; they’re Butler & Wilson ducks!

We also have these little chaps available in gold sparkle, or in the same yellow design as the earrings and necklace above. You could even buy two different coloured necklaces to mix and match. Wear your necklaces at different lengths and take your flock of five to a flock of ten!

Butler & Wilson Bee Sunglasses With Easter just around the corner, summer can’t be far away and that means plenty of sunshine (we hope)! Why not up your sunglass game this year with these Butler & Wilson Bee Sunglasses! With 100% UV protection, these glasses don’t just make you look fabulous, they will also protect your eyes. They’re also extremely useful for some covert people-watching too! These sunglasses have a stylish leopard print frame to suit any hair colour and complexion, and the shape of the frame is also extremely flattering and versatile, complimenting different profiles. Last but certainly not least, we’ve added a splash of fun and sparkle for good measure! There are two adorable little honey bees sitting either side of the frame. They are brightly coloured and covered in dainty crystals, adding that extra special touch to these charming sunglasses.   Crystal Bees Drop Earrings - Yellow If you’ve just bought yourself some fabulous new honey bee sunglasses, why not go all out any get some stunning earrings to match?! With spring upon us and summer just around the corner, we are going to be seeing a lot more of these little chaps soon. The smaller bee sits on the earlobe, attached by a post back. The larger bee hangs from a wing of the smaller bee, connected by a link. This link gives the larger bee freedom of movement, leaving it at liberty to dance around with every twist and turn of your head.   Crystal Ladybird Silver Bracelet This gorgeous Crystal Ladybird Bracelet is the perfect piece for spring and summer! The crystal coated ladybird sits on two dainty chains which fasten with a lobster clasp on an extendable chain. At the end of the extendable chain is a single clear crystal finishing it off with that extra bit of sparkle. The ladybird itself has a silver head, gold wings and black body, all coated in crystals. We also have this bracelet available in pink, so you can choose your favourite.   Butler & Wilson 2018 Easter Collection

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